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The Sodor Engines is a television series based on The Railway Series and the television show Thomas and Friends. It first premiered in 2011.


The Sodor Engines uses model railways to portray the characters. A fair amount of models were inherited from Thomas and Friends, although there are many custom models. Before Season 6, the movement of the characters' faces was done in stop-motion animation. Today, it uses CGI instead.

The series is produced by Global Railways Productions, and broadcast in conjunction with HIT Entertainment.


The main cast:

  • Thomas - A cheeky little tank engine.
  • Edward - A wise old tender engine.
  • Henry - A stuck-up and often sickly tender engine.
  • Gordon - A dignified express engine.
  • James - A vain tender engine.
  • Percy - A naive, silly little tank engine.
  • Toby - An odd-looking, kind tram engine.
  • Duck - A clever, strong tank engine.
  • Donald and Douglas - Friendly, cheeky Scottish twin tender engines.
  • Oliver - A helpful, sometimes conceited tank engine.
  • Emily - A bossy tender engine.
  • Rosie - A tenacious, friendly tank engine.

For other characters see the page on characters.


Season 1

(Released in Spring 2011)

  • 001. Welcome to Sodor - A little tank engine named Thomas leaves his home to help build a new railway. Little does he know that he may save the grand opening . . .
  • 002. Too Slow for Gordon - Gordon and Henry decide to race, and Gordon misses many of his stops.
  • 003. Edward's Express - Edward has to take the express, and the other engines think he won't be able to do it.
  • 004. Train in a Box - Thomas meets a tram engine called Toby and tries to convince Sir Topham Hatt to buy him.
  • 005. Quack, Quack - Percy meets a new tank engine called Duck and thinks that Duck will replace him.
  • 006. James' New Coat - James boasts about getting a new coat of paint, only to find paint can be tricky . . .
  • 007. Diesel - An 08 shunter named Diesel arrives and says the other engines are out of date. He later sees he's not exactly the most useful engine ever.
  • 008. Percy's Train - Percy is pleased when he gets to take a main line freight train, but trouble is in store for him!
  • 009. Silly Snow - Duck learns that snow is not a force to be reckoned with.
  • 010. Thomas and the Bus - A bus named Bertie tells Thomas that he's better than the little tank engine.
  • 011. Henry and the Landslide - Henry ignores Duck's advice about Misty Valley and causes a landslide.
  • 012. Troublesome Twins - Two twins named Donald and Douglas arrive, but Sir Topham Hatt only wants one. Can they prove they're both really useful?
  • 013. Tenders! - James has to use a substitute tender when his normal one is damaged. Fortunately, "ol' rustbucket" may come in handy.
  • 014. Annie and Clarabel's Runaway Ride - Percy is taking Annie and Clarabel to the station when they break away on a steep hill.
  • 015. The Greatest Escape - Thomas and Percy meet Oliver, a Great Western engine who is escaping from scrap. They promise to help, but two diesels have been sent to find Oliver . . .
  • 016. Great Western Engines - Duck becomes suspicious when he sees the engines taking mysterious loads down an old line.
  • 017. Meet Emily - A new engine called Emily arrives, but the engines are too busy to help her and she messes up everything.
  • 018. Toby's Timber - After a big storm, Toby tries to take a load of fallen timber that's far too much for him.

Season 2

(Released in Spring 2012)

  • 019. Little Engines - Thomas discovers little engines that run through the hills.
  • 020. Trucks and Trains - New engine Lily attempts to tame a line of infamously troublesome trucks.
  • 021. Edward the Intrepid - When some trucks are lost on an old line, Edward sets out to find them.
  • 022. Thomas and Rosie - new engine Rosie tries to prove that she's a really useful engine to Thomas and the others.
  • 023. Back for More - When James breaks down, Diesel is brought back to help out.
  • 024. Toby's New Friend - Thomas discovers that Toby has befriended an old goods van that is about to be scrapped.
  • 025. Number Problem - Ivo Hugh returns to the Skarloey railway, leading to a conflict with Freddie because they're both #7.
  • 026. On Your Own - Donald is sent away for repairs, leaving Douglas without his twin.
  • 027. Too much for Henry - When Gordon has to take a special train, Henry is left to pull the express as well as his own train. Can the green engine manage?
  • 028. Boco's Busy Day - A new diesel called Boco arrives. The others don't trust him, but he proves himself useful.
  • 029. Biggest and Best - Percy and Oliver have a contest of strength.
  • 030. Montague's Duck - Duck tells the other engines how he got his nickname.
  • 031. Engine on Strike - Duncan refuses to work unless he can pull passenger trains.
  • 032. Emily and Daisy - A diesel named Daisy arrives. Emily is supposed to help her do her jobs, but Daisy is too lazy to do them.
  • 033. John and the Express - A new engine named John is eager to pull the express, but his inexperience may soon get the better of him.
  • 034. Heap of Scrap - While on the other railway, diesels tease Gordon. But he soon shows that he's really useful.

Season 3

(Released in Spring 2013)

  • 035. Trainyard Trouble - Rosie ignores the fact that her boiler is damaged in order to impress Sir Topham Hatt.
  • 036. Gordon and the New Engine - Gordon takes a dislike to the new engine Murdoch.
  • 037. Rusty's Rescue - Rusty must save Skarloey when he breaks down on an old line.
  • 048. A Steamworks for Sodor - Thomas and the other engines help to build a new workshop and meet Victor and Kevin.
  • 039. Smudger's Odyssey - Thomas meets an old engine named Smudger at the works.
  • 040. One More Try - Smudger tries to make up for his past mistakes.
  • 041. Bossy Boiler - James is annoyed by Fergus the new engine.
  • 042. The Other Railway - Thomas must help out on the other railway.
  • 043. Emily and the Hopper - Emily has to work with a troublesome hopper named Hector.
  • 044. Henry's Special Tree - Henry refuses to take some lumberjacks to cut down his favorite tree.
  • 045. You've Got Mail! - Percy is assigned the mail run and is unsure that he can do it.
  • 046. Stop That Diesel! - Diesel steals Toby's coaches the day that he must take a special with them.
  • 047. Bertie and Bulgy - Bertie meets a mean bus named Bulgy.
  • 048. Sitting Duck - Duck is trapped at High Farm when a landslide blocks the line.

Season 4

(Released in Spring 2014)

  • 049. Runaway Friend - Rosie tries to befriend the shy new engine Molly.
  • 050. Thomas' Special Train - Thomas becomes conceited when he overhears that he's going to take a special train.
  • 051. Trucks for Coaches - When Alice and Mirabel are damaged, Duck comes up with a clever solution to get the passengers home.
  • 052. Coughs and Sneezles - The steamies suspect the diesels when bad fuel is making them break down.
  • 053. The Cacaphony Symphony - Percy is looking forward to delivering the instruments for a concert, but things go wrong . . .
  • 054. Henry and the Electric Engine - Henry meets an electric engine named Tess.
  • 055. George and the Dragon - A steamroller named George causes trouble during the Chinese new year preparations, but Toby has a plan . . .
  • 056. Different Lines - When Thomas breaks down, Emily is transferred to the branch line.
  • 057. Climb Every Mountain - Gordon breaks down while hauling the express up the steepest hill on Sodor.
  • 058. Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oliver is helping with the construction of Sodor Zoo when he accidently lets the animals loose.
  • 059. Legendary Engine - After hearing about the legendary Proteus, Sir Handel tries to act like him.
  • 060. Not So Devious - Diesel has to work with Thomas to take an important train.
  • 061. A Fitting Name - The engines become extremely annoyed by Cranky the crane.
  • 062. War of the Wise - Skarloey and Rheneas have an argument and refuse to speak to each other.

Season 5

(Released in Spring 2015)

  • 063. Henry and the Old Line - Henry finds an old line, and is told not to use it. But an emergency arises . . .
  • 064. Goody-Two Buffers - Duck meets the new engine Charlie, who tries to make him more fun.
  • 065. Those Coaches (UK: You Can't Win) - James meets some stuck-up express coaches.
  • 066. Gold for Gordon - Gordon tries to prove that he's the fastest engine on the line.
  • 067. What's That Smell? - Thomas has to take the "Flying Kipper" with Salty, the new diesel.
  • 068. Sir Handel and the Runaway - Sir Handel's foolish habits at the incline get the better of him.
  • 069. Rosie the Night Owl - Rosie has to run the night shift of a goods train, but the lack of sleep is starting to affect her.
  • 070. Double Header - Mighty Mac comes to the Skarloey Railway, but is avoided by the others.
  • 071. Evil Edward - An ugly rumor spread by Diesel leads to the shunning of Edward.
  • 072. Fire Hazard - New fire safety standards mean that Toby, who is made of wood, may not be allowed to work anymore.
  • 073. Trading Tracks - Peter Sam temporarily replaces Victor at the Sodor Steamworks.
  • 074. Frozen to the Frames - Donald and Douglas are assigned to the job of clearing snow, but get trapped in an avalanche.
  • 075. Troublesome Trucks - Oliver has to deal with a troublesome truck named S.C. Ruffy.
  • 076. Emily the Old Engine - Emily is teased by the others for her outdated design.
  • 077. The Logging Line - A new extension line is being built to the mountain forest, and Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand arrive.
  • 078. Back on the Tracks - Bash and Dash must make up for their accident.

Season 6

(Released in Fall 2016)

  • 079. Easy as Pie - Oliver teases Thomas for his blue paint, but soon gets a taste of his own medicine while taking some blueberry pies.
  • 080. Engineitis - James is fooled by Bash and Dash into thinking he has a disease that will make him explode.
  • 081. Down in the Dumps - Thomas meets Whiff and Scruff, two new garbage engines.
  • 082. Mine Mayhem - Rusty is eager to help out at the new mine. Perhaps a little too eager...
  • 083. Blizzards - Emily has to rescue Matthias, who has gotten stranded in the snow.
  • 084. Here's Madge! - The narrow gauge engines meet Madge, but don't respect her because she's a lorry.
  • 085. The Kirk Ronan Line - Rosie receives her own branch line.
  • 086. New Workers - Matthew, Peter, and Billy arrive to shunt and help out on the new line.
  • 087. The Lion and the Mouse - Gordon teases Billy about his small size, but it may be this that saves him.
  • 088. Where's Sir Topham Hatt? - Sir Topham Hatt disappears, and a search party must be carried out to find him.
  • 089. Whirly-Bird - Edward becomes annoyed by Harold the helicopter.
  • 090. The Shunter’s Rescue – Matthew must rescue Rosie and Peter, who are trapped by a landslide.
  • 091. Freddie's Adventure - Desperate for respect, Freddie shows the younger engines an old line.
  • 092. Submarine Trains - Henry must take a train through a flooded area.
  • 093. Toby and the New Engine - Toby meets Mavis, the new quarry diesel.
  • 094. Mixed-up Twins - Donald and Douglas's nameplates and numbers are accidently painted over, making them indistinguishable.
  • 095. Mountain Rescue - Skarloey is feeling under the weather, but is forced to rescue passengers trapped during a landslide.
  • 096. Duck the Express Engine - Duck has to take the express when none of the other engines are able to.

Season 7

(Released in Fall 2017)

  • 097. Earthquake - An earthquake wreaks havoc on the island.
  • 098. Howdy, Hank! - American engine Hank arrives, and is mistrusted by the other engines.
  • 099. Great Little Engines - A documentary is being produced on the Skarloey railway, but a runaway train may ruin everything.
  • 100. Really Useful Engine - Thomas is worried that new engine Stanley will replace him.
  • 101. The Clip Show - The inevitable clip show, reviewing the show's first hundred episodes.
  • 102. Master of the Railway - Rosie and Peter find an old engine named Hiro.
  • 103. Wierd Whistle - Diesel makes Ferdinand feel inferior because of the "tweeting" noises his whistle makes.
  • 104. Do It Right - Fergus deicdes to teach Bill and ben to behave.
  • 105. Broken Trucks - Percy loses confidence after an accident.
  • 106. Emily in Charge - Sir Topham Hatt makes the mistake of leaving Emily in charge while on a business trip.
  • 107. Roadway Excursion - Edward and Boco find out that there's more than one way to get somewhere.
  • 108. Express Engines - Gordon trains Molly, Eve, and Tim to pull the express.
  • 109. Rock Star - Rheneas recounts an accident involving Duncan for the other engines.
  • 110. Flying Kippers - Henry's trip with an express fish train goes awry.


Sodor - Thomas must rescue his friends and his home from an evil engine named Diesel 10, defend his position as #1, and come to terms with himself, with the help of Percy, Toby, Rosie, and a mysterious and magical engine named Lady. (Released in Fall 2012)

How Tidmouth Was Built - Edward tells the others about how he and his friends from the Sodor and Mainland Railway helped to build Tidmouth Station in 1923. (Released in Fall 2014)

The Great Railway Show - The engines of the North Western Railway are invited to the National Railway Museum, where they meet new friends- and uncover a deadly plot. (Released in Fall 2016)



  • Ben Small - Thomas, Kevin, Percy, Rusty, Billy, Charlie
  • Keith Wickham - Oliver, Duck, Henry, James, Cranky, Peter Sam, Sir Handel, Toby, Salty, Bash & Dash
  • Matt Wilkinson - Gordon, John, Murdoch, Victor, Sir Topham Hatt, Donald & Douglas, Ivo Hugh, Mighty Mac


  • Martin Sherman - Thomas, Oliver, Peter Sam, Sir Handel, Bash & Dash, Billy
  • William Hope - Percy, James, Henry, Toby, Donald & Douglas, John, Kevin, Rusty, Toby, Charlie
  • Glenn Wrage - Gordon, Sir Topham Hatt, Ferdinand, Mighty Mac
  • David Bedella - Victor, Cranky, Freddie, Ivo Hugh


  • Matthias Stanier-Gresley - Matthew, Alex, Tim, Peter
  • Jules de Jongh - Emily, Daisy, Tess
  • Teresa Gallagher - Rosie, Lily, Molly, Madge, Eve
  • Kerry Shale - Diesel, George, 'Arry & Bert, Fergus, Bill & Ben, Duke, Bertie, Smudger
  • Pierce Brosnan - Edward, Duncan, Skarloey, Rheneas, Neville, Cranky


Episode 1: Welcome to Sodor

(Cut to a brown, faded map of Sodor, with the Isle of Man and British Mainland on either side)

Narrator: There's a large island in the Irish sea. It's located directly between the Isle of Man and the British Mainland and is called the Island of Sodor.

(A large, red, arrow points at Sodor)

Narrator: Now, on Sodor, a new railway is being built. It will be called the North Western Railway, and is run by a man named Sir Topham Hatt. Today, he's at Brendam Docks, waiting with his locomotives for a batch of new engines to be unloaded. Let's take a look.

(Scene changes to Brendam Docks. A stout man is standing in front of his three engines. The first is a Edward, a blue, "Larger Seagull" 4-4-0 tender engine. The second is Henry, a garter blue "Black 5" 4-6-0 tender engine, and the third is Gordon, a Brunswick green A1 4-6-2 tender engine)

Edward: Sir, when will the new engines be unloaded?

Sir Topham Hatt: Any minute now, Edward. Ah! Here's the first one now!

Narrator: The new engine rolled into view. He was a black class 28 2-6-0 tender engine.

Sir Topham Hatt: James, I suppose?

James: Quite right. Percy will be unloaded next, then Thomas. Then we'll see about a new coat of paint after my long journey?

(Sir Topham Hatt chuckles)

Sir Topham Hatt: We'll see, James.

Narrator: Percy was unloaded next. He was a grey 0-4-0 saddle tank engine.

Gordon: That leaves one more, I suppose.

Narrator: Just then, a whistle echoed through the docks as Thomas steamed into view.

(Thomas, a blue 0-6-0 E2 engine, steams up to Sir Topham Hatt)

Sir Topham Hatt: Here's Thomas, the last of them. Hello, Thomas.

Thomas: Hello, Mr. Hatt.

Sir Topham Hatt: That's all of them. Welcome to Sodor, everyone!

Episode 15: The Greatest Escape

Oliver: This is Toad, my brake van, and Isabel, my coach. We're fleeing scrap. There are two diesels after us. We'd almost made it to the North Western Railway when my cylinder broke.

Percy: We're from the North Western Railway. We'll help you home.

Oliver: Thank you so much! We've been using fake forms and the like to get past guards. Once we're over the channel, they can't catch us.

Narrator: Thomas ran to the front, and Percy to the back.

(Oliver's theme starts playing loudly)

Thomas:' Can you shut that off? We're trying to escape, and we don't want anyone hearing us.

Narrator: Sorry.

(The music stops)

Episode 22: Thomas and Rosie

Rosie: Bust my funnel!

Workman: Um, it's bust my buffers.

Rosie: Aren't you supposed to be getting me out?

Sodor: Part 8

Diesel 10: Don't even think about it, you stinkin' little-

(Stephen coldly reverses, slamming the trucks into each other. They break and ignite.)

Diesel 10: You thought about it! You did worse than think about it! You actually did it!

Episode 97: Earthquake

(A loud rumbling echoes through the Sodor Steamworks. Bricks, mortar, and spare engine parts rain down everywhere)

Victor: Suffering Sodor, Kevin! Don't tell me that was was a slip of the hook!

Episode 100: Really Useful Engine

Thomas: (To Stanley) I thought you'd replace me.

Percy: (Alarmed) Don't say that, Thomas!

Edward: No one could ever replace you.

Stanley: You're a really useful engine.

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