Garcia And Friends

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Garcia And Friends

Garcia And Friends is a fictional series made with clips from Thomas And Friends Season 1-12.


Garcia lives at The Sodor Apartment Sheds with his brother Jack. Neighbors include Baraloo, Fred, Montague, Spenser, and Betty. Garcia often gambles, steals, pickpockets, and commits other gang-style crimes.

Character Translations

  • Thomas-Garcia
  • Gordon-Jack
  • Percy-Baraloo
  • James-Fred
  • Emily-Betty
  • Toby-Montague
  • Spencer-Spenser
  • Billy-Earl
  • Whiff-Randy
  • Mavis-Girly-Girl
  • Rosie-Lois
  • Edward-Old-Wise Guy
  • Rocky-Tantalus
  • Sir Topham Hatt-Fat Hatt


Season 1

  • 1. Pilot- Garcia kills Fat Hatt's wife, staels CD's and blows up his storage shed TV14
  • 2. Old-Wise Guy- Garcia meets his apartment mates, who all take grudges againist him TVPG-LV
  • 3. Out At The Bar- Jack gets Betty to go out with him, and Thomas decides to take his own dream girl TV14-L
  • 4. Garcia And The Crazy Lady- Betty proves to be crazy, and Jack doesn't beleive Garcia, Baraloo, or Fred TVPG-LV
  • 5. T-R-O-U-B-L-E- Garcia is kidnapped by Betty, and Jack relaizes something is wrong. TVPG-V
  • 6. Stuck In Traffic- Jack, and Fred get stuck on the main line while going to save Garcia TV14-L
  • 7. Fat Hatt- Jack, and Fred run into Fatt Hatt and is stopped TVPG-L
  • 8. Catch The Beat- Betty tells Garcia that she wants to be a rapper. TVPG-L
  • 9. Breathtaking- Fred rescuses Garcia, and Jack breaks up with her TV14-DLV
  • 10. Grand Master- Betty starts rapping at the club. TVPG-DL
  • 11. Rain- Garcia, and Baraloo get stuck in the rain. TV14
  • 12. Levers- Garcia meets Randy, and Girly-Girl TV14-L
  • 13. Girly-Girl Gets Girlier- Girly-Girl gets high. TV14-V
  • A Garcia Christmas- It's Christmas time, and the engines get stuck in snow. Garcia wonders if he'll ever get to spend Christmas with his neighbors. TVPG-LSV
  • 14. Making The Bet- Fred makes a bet that if Garcia can't gamble for a whole week, he'll move in with Betty! TV14-L

Season 2

  • 15. Jackrabbits!- Garcia runs over a jackrabbit. TVPG-V
  • 16. Return To Sender- Jack and Fred begin using an e-mail program. TVPG-LV
  • 17. Spaced- Fred is kidnapped. TV14-V
  • 18. High Exposure- Garcia almost falls off of Culdee Fell looking for his neighbor TV14-V
  • 19. Girly-Girl, and Garcia- Garcia starts to go out with Girly-Girl. TV14-DLS
  • 20. Changed Points- Garcia is diverted onto an old lost line, and Old-Wise Guy tells him he might have run into ghosts TVPG-LV
  • 21. A Careful Eye- Fred is rescued, and Randy is killed in the process. TV14-V
  • 22. Rescued- Jack thinks he should kill Old-Wise Guy. TVPG-LSV
  • 23. Reaper- Jack dresses up as the grim reaper for Halloween, scaring Garcia, Fred, and Girly-Girl to death. TVPG-V
  • 24. Jack's Hill- Jack gets stuck on the hill outside the apartments. TVPG-L
  • 25. I Feel Your Pain- Baraloo is suddenly obssessed with girls. TV14-D
  • 26. Die!- Garcia trys to kill Girly-Girl. TVPG-V
  • 27. Garcia The Stalker- Garcia starts stalking Girly-Girl. TV14-LSV
  • 28. Master Of The Railway- Garcia meets Spenser, who challenges him to a race. TV14-DLV
  • 29. Grandad- Old-Wise Guy adopts a small engine. TVPG
  • 30. Evil Eye- Garcia starts giving engines the evil eye. TVPG-DLSV
  • More Money To Carry Then To Hold- Garcia robs a bank. TV14-V
  • 31. Montague Is Not Religious- Montague starts going to church with Garcia. TV14-L
  • 32. CSI: Sodor- Garcia, and Fred get cross when Mac Taylor, Horatio Caine, and Eric Delko arrive on Sodor. TV14-LV
  • 33. Obssesed- Garcia is tired of Baraloo being around girls, so he tries to kidnap one of them. TVPG-DLSV
  • 34. Tantalus- A new crane called Tantalus arrives on Sodor. TVPG-V
  • 35. Fat Hatt Mad, Fat Hatt KILL!- Fat Hatt vows revenge on the engines TVPG-LSV
  • 36. Bossy Boiler!- Garcia kidnaps Spenser. TVPG-LV
  • 37. The Death Mission- Montague rushes to save Spenser. TV14
  • 38. Spreaded Out- An old engine's parts are found scattered all over Sodor. TV14-LSV

Season 3

  • 39. Garcia Meets Moriah Carey- The engines meet Moriah Carey. TVPG-L
  • 40. Girly-Girl The Stripper- Girly-Girl starts going to a strip club. TV14-DS
  • 41. Untrusted- Jack loses his trust from Fat Hatt. TVPG
  • 42. Tantalus Explanins Death- Tantalus explains death to the engines. TVPG-LV
  • 43. Working Overtime- Jack starts being overworked and wants revenge. TV14
  • 44. Friday Night Fun- Garcia, Jack, and Betty go to the new bar. TV14-DSV
  • 45. Ice Cream- Jack hits some tankers of ice cream. TV14-DLSV
  • 46. Jack Moves Out- Jack considers moving to The Mainland TVPG-DV