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Here's an article where fans can post their ideas for Take N' Play models that Fisher-Price should release.

Engines and Vehicles

  • Mail-Covered Percy
  • Nelson
  • Buster
  • Oliver (Pack)
  • Troublesome Truck (stone)
  • Mail Van
  • BoCo
  • Bertram
  • Smudger
  • Proteus
  • Ivo Hugh
  • Scruff
  • Wilbert
  • Lorry 2
  • Lorry 3
  • Metallic Donald
  • Metallic Douglas
  • Metallic Hiro
  • Metallic Stepney
  • Metallic Culdee
  • Metallic Skarloey
  • Metallic Peter Sam
  • Caroline
  • Splatter
  • Dodge
  • The Diesel
  • Old Stuck-Up
  • Bert
  • Rex
  • Frank
  • Jock
  • Sixteen
  • City of Truro
  • Flying Scotsman
  • D7101/Bear
  • Green Arrow
  • Lord Harry
  • Godred
  • Wilfred
  • Mallard
  • Duchess of Hamilton
  • Neil
  • Stanley/No. 2
  • Merrick
  • Stephen
  • Caitlin
  • Millie
  • Conner

Talking Lights & Sounds Engines

  • Victor - Says, "Hello, I'm Victor" and "You've come to the right place, my friend"
  • Captain - Says, "I'm Captain" and "Full Steam Ahead!"
  • Duck - Says, "Hello, I'm Duck" and "There are two ways of doing things-The Great Western Way or The Wrong Way"
  • Oliver - Says, "Hello, I'm Oliver" and "I'm a great western engine. I shouldn't have to shiver"
  • Stepney - Says, "I'm Stepney" and "Bluebells forever"
  • Dennis - Says, "Hello, I'm Dennis" and "I'm a really lazy engine"
  • Rocky - Says, "I'm Rocky" and "Go get them, Edward!"
  • Mavis - Says, "Hello, I'm Mavis" and "Toby's a fusspot!"

Rolling Stocks

  • Red Coaches
  • Old Coaches
  • Victoria & Helena
  • Henrietta
  • The Spiteful Breakvan
  • Isabel
  • Express Coaches
  • Catherine
  • Old Slow Coach
  • Scruffey

Special Edition Engines

  • Yellow & Black James (from The Green Controller)
  • Pink James (from Tickled Pink)
  • Lost & Found Hiro (from Hero Of The Rails)
  • Coal Mustache Spencer (from Steamy Sodor)
  • Old Shape Henry (from Season 1)
  • Snow-Covered Skarloey (from Snow)
  • Mud-Covered Toad (from Busy Going Backwards)
  • Mud-Covered James (from James To The Rescue)
  • Scrap Trevor (from Saved From Scrap)
  • Scrap Oliver (from Escape)
  • Scrap Stepney (from Rusty To The Rescue)


  • Take-n-Play Advertisment (includes Advertising Thomas, big Take-n-Play logo, and 8 pieces of track)
  • Hiro's Hideout (comes with 'Patchwork' Hiro, Hero of the Rails Thomas, Victor, Kevin and 17 pieces of track)
  • Henry's Box Hunt (Comes with Henry (Confused), a box, some trees, Sir Topham Hatt and 12 peaces of track to make a loop)

Play-Scenes with DVD

  • Edward's Brass Band - With Sad Edward, Ship's Boiler and DVD with the episode, Edward's Brass Band (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Toby's Triumph - With Muddy Toby, Muddy Henrietta, Muddy Track and DVD with the episode, Toby's Triumph (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • A Close Shave For Duck - With Shaving Cream-Covered Duck, Troublesome Truck, Barbershop and DVD with the episode, A Close Shave For Duck (George Carlin Narration)
  • The Spotless Record - With Fruit-Covered Arthur, Foolish Freight Van and DVD with the episode, The Spotless Record (Michael Angelis US Narration)
  • Slippy Sodor - With Thomas With His Funny Funnel, Bubble Tanker and DVD with the episode, Slippy Sodor (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Tickled Pink - With Pink James, Red Coach and DVD with the episode, Tickled Pink (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Daisy - With Angry Daisy, Milk Tanker, Track with Station and DVD with the episode, Daisy (George Carlin Narration)
  • Wash Behind Your Buffers - With Mud-Covered Madge, Muddy Road and DVD with the episode, Wash Behind Your Buffers (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Rheneas & The Roller Coaster - With Surprised Rheneas, Green & White Narrow Gauge Coach and DVD with the episode, Rheneas & The Roller Coaster (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Buffer Bother - With Angry Bill, Ben with New Buffers and DVD with the episode, Buffer Bother (Alec Baldwin Narration)
  • Mavis - With Angry Mavis, 2 Troublesome Trucks, Level Crossing and DVD with the episode, Mavis (George Carlin Narration)
  • Trucks - With Broken Funnel Peter Sam, 2 Slate Trucks and DVD with the episode, Trucks (George Carlin Narration)

Characters with DVD

  • Thomas - With Thomas and DVD with the episodes, Thomas Gets Tricked (George Carlin Narration), Thomas Saves The Day (S1) (George Carlin Narration), Thomas & The Special Letter (George Carlin Narration) and Thomas In Charge (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Edward - With Edward and DVD with the episodes, Edward Helps Out (George Carlin Narration), Old Iron (George Carlin Narration), Edward The Very Useful Engine (Alec Baldwin Narration) and Edward's Brass Band (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Henry - With Henry and DVD with the episodes, Come Out, Henry! (George Carlin Narration), Henry To The Rescue (George Carlin Narration), Henry's Forest (George Carlin Narration) and Haunted Henry (Alec Baldwin Narration)
  • Gordon - With Gordon and DVD with the episodes, Gordon Takes A Dip (George Carlin Narration), Gordon & The Famous Visitor (George Carlin Narration), Gordon & The Gremlin (Alec Baldwin Narration) and Gordon Takes A Tumble (Alec Baldwin Narration)
  • James - With James and DVD with the episodes, James Learns A Lesson (George Carlin Narration), A Proud Day For James (George Carlin Narration), James & The Trouble With Trees (Alec Baldwin Narration) and James In The Dark (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Percy - With Percy and DVD with the episodes, Percy Runs Away (George Carlin Narration), Put Upon Percy (Alec Baldwin Narration), Percy's Chocolate Crunch (Alec Baldwin Narration) and Being Percy (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Toby - With Toby and DVD with the episodes, Toby The Tram Engine (George Carlin Narration), Thomas Breaks The Rules (George Carlin Narration), Toby's Discovery (Alec Baldwin Narration) and Toby's Afternoon Off (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Duck - With Duck and DVD with the episodes, Duck Takes Charge (George Carlin Narration), A Close Shave For Duck (George Carlin Narration), All At Sea (George Carlin Narration) and Fish (S4) (George Carlin Narration)
  • Donald & Douglas - With Donald, Douglas and DVD with the episodes, Donald & Douglas (George Carlin Narration), The Deputation (George Carlin Narration), Twin Trouble (Alec Baldwin Narration) and Bad Day At Castle Loch (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Oliver - With Oliver and DVD with the episodes, Escape (George Carlin Narration), Oliver Owns Up (George Carlin Narration), Toad Stands By (George Carlin Narration) and Oliver's Find (Alec Baldwin Narration)
  • Diesel - With Diesel and DVD with the episodes, Pop Goes The Diesel (George Carlin Narration), Diesel's Devious Deed (George Carlin Narration), Diesel Does It Again (George Carlin Narration) and Diesel's Special Delivery (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Bill & Ben - With Bill, Ben and DVD with the episodes, The Diseasel (George Carlin Narration), One Good Turn (George Carlin Narration), Heroes (George Carlin Narration) and Double Teething Troubles (Alec Baldwin Narration)
  • Stepney - With Stepney and DVD with the episodes, Rusty To The Rescue (George Carlin Narration), Thomas & Stepney (George Carlin Narration), Train Stops Play (George Carlin Narration) and Bowled Out (George Carlin Narration)
  • Emily - With Emily and DVD with the episodes, Emily's New Coaches (Michael Brandon Narration), Emily's Adventure (Michael Brandon Narration), Emily Knows Best (Michael Brandon Narration) and Pingy Pongy Pick Up (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Bertie - With Bertie and DVD with the episodes, Thomas & Bertie's Great Race (George Carlin Narration), Bertie's Chase (George Carlin Narration), Better Late Than Never (George Carlin Narration) and Stop That Bus! (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • 'Arry & Bert - With Arry, Bert and DVD with the episodes, Middle Engine (Alec Baldwin Narration), Halloween (Michael Brandon Narration), Thomas & The Stinky Cheese (Michael Brandon Narration) and Henry's Happy Coal (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Skarloey - With Skarloey and DVD with the episodes, Four Little Engines (George Carlin Narration), The Old Bridge (Michael Brandon Narration), Skarloey The Brave (Michael Brandon Narration) and Push Me, Pull You (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Rheneas - With Rheneas and DVD with the episodes, Gallant Old Engine (George Carlin Narration), Rheneas & The Roller Coaster (Michael Brandon Narration) Rheneas & The Dinosaur (Michael Brandon Narration) and Missing Cars (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Sir Handel - With Sir Handel and DVD with the episodes, A Bad Day For Sir Handel (George Carlin Narration), Steam Roller (George Carlin Narration), A Smooth Ride (Michael Brandon Narration) and Sir Handel In Charge (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Peter Sam - With Peter Sam and DVD with the episodes, Peter Sam & The Refreshment Lady (George Carlin Narration), The Refreshment Lady's Stand (Michael Brandon Narration), The Magic Lamp (Michael Brandon Narration) and Mountain Marvel (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Rusty - With Rusty and DVD with the episodes, Rusty Helps Peter Sam (George Carlin Narration), Rusty & The Boulder (Alec Baldwin Narration), Rusty Saves The Day (Alec Baldwin Narration) and Trusty Rusty (Michael Brandon)
  • Duncan - With Duncan and DVD with the episodes, Home At Last (George Carlin Narration), Rock N Roll (George Carlin Narration), Duncan Gets Spooked (Alec Baldwin Narration) and Duncan Does It All (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Duke - With Duke and DVD with the episodes, Granpuff (George Carlin Narration), Sleeping Beauty (George Carlin Narration), Bulldog (George Carlin Narration) and You Can't Win (George Carlin Narration)
  • Trevor - With Trevor and DVD with the episodes, Saved From Scrap (George Carlin Narration), A New Friend For Thomas (George Carlin Narration), Edward, Trevor & The Really Useful Party (George Carlin Narration) and James Goes Buzz Buzz (George Carlin Narration)
  • Spencer - With Spencer and DVD with the episodes, Gordon & Spencer (Michael Brandon Narration), Edward The Great (Michael Brandon Narration), Dream On (Michael Brandon Narration) and Spencer The Grand (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Cranky - With Cranky and DVD with the episodes, Cranky Bugs (Alec Baldwin Narration), No Sleep For Cranky (Alec Baldwin Narration), Hide & Peep (Michael Brandon Narration) and Creaky Cranky (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Harold - With Harold and DVD with the episodes, Percy Proves A Point (George Carlin Narration), Thomas, Percy & The Mail Train (George Carlin Narration), A Bad Day For Harold (Alec Baldwin Narration) and Harold & The Flying Horse (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Troublesome Trucks - With 3 Troublesome Trucks and DVD with the episodes, Trouble For Thomas (George Carlin Narration), Trucks (George Carlin Narration), The World's Strongest Engine (Alec Baldwin Narration) and Thomas' New Trucks (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Bash, Dash & Ferdinand - With Bash, Dash, Ferdinand and DVD with the episodes, Merry Misty Island (Michael Brandon Narration), Gordon & Ferdinand (Michael Brandon Narration), Toby & Bash (Michael Brandon Narration) and Emily & Dash (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Hiro - With Hiro and DVD with the episodes, The Biggest Present of All (Michael Brandon Narration), Buzzy Bees (Michael Brandon Narration), Hiro Helps Out (Michael Brandon Narration) and Happy Hiro (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Victor and Kevin - With Victor, Kevin and DVD with the episodes, Steamy Sodor (Michael Brandon Narration), Victor Says Yes (Michael Brandon Narration), Surprise, Surprise (Michael Brandon Narration) and Kevin The Steamie (Michael Brandon Narration)
  • Rosie - With Rosie and DVD with the episodes, Thomas & The Birthday Mail (Michael Brandon Narration), Hector The Horrid (Michael Brandon Narration), Rosie's Carnival Special (Michael Brandon Narration) and Splish, Splash, Splosh! (Michael Brandon Narration)

Gift Packs

  • Steam Engines Pack - Includes Thomas, Percy, James, Toby and Rosie
  • Diesel Engines Pack - Includes Diesel, Iron 'Arry, Iron Bert, Mavis and Salty
  • What A Lotta Thomas - Includes Paint-Covered Thomas, Quarry Dust-Covered Thomas and Thomas
  • Thomas' Fishy Special (From S8 episode, Fish) - Includes Thomas and Two Fish Cars
  • Road Vehicles Pack - Includes Bertie, Terence, Trevor and Elizabeth
  • Blue Engines Pack - Includes Thomas, Edward, Gordon, Sir Handel and Fergus
  • Green Engines Pack - Includes Percy, Henry, Peter Sam, Daisy and Whiff
  • Red Engines Pack - Includes James, Skarloey, Rheneas, Arthur and Victor
  • Yellow Engines Pack - Includes Molly, Bill, Ben, Duncan and Stepney
  • "Tree Trouble" Gift Pack - Featuring Thomas, Diesel, Angry Den and Angry Dart

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