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Here is a very simple game: If Thomas were (another show/movie/book). All you have to do is think up of a movie/show/book. Make the parody cast, and explain why. Some may be used more than once.

Ex: Homestar Runner

Thomas - Homestar Runner
James - Strong Bad
Emily - The Cheat
Spencer - Strong Mad
Edward - Strong Sad
Percy - Pom Pom
Molly - Marzipan
Henry - Coach Z
Gordon - Bubs
Sir Topham Hatt - The King of Town
Whiff - The Poopsmith
Freddie - Homsar
Oliver - Homeschool Winner
Bertie - Dijjery-Doo
Lady - Unnamed Girl/Champeen
Troublesome Truck - Trivia Time


Thomas would be an absent-minded athlete locomotive.
Thomas and James would be rivals.
James would have Emily and Spencer as his cronies.
James would check emails.
Emily would speak by squeaking.
Spencer and Edward would be James' brothers.
Edward would be gray and sad, and play board games with Freddie.
Percy would have 100 girlfriends, and a pet truck.
Thomas and Percy would be best friends.
Molly would be a hippie.
The pairing of the show would be Thomas/Molly.
Henry would have many problems, and a crush on Molly.
Gordon would run his own business.
Henry and Gordon would be found having conversations.
Sir Topham Hatt would be fatter, and eat a lot.
Whiff would shunt garbage for a living.
Whiff and Percy would be close friends.
Freddie would wear a bowler hat and make crazy phrases.
Oliver would be smart, and have a creepy edge to him.
Bertie would be Cheat-like and walrus-like.
Lady would have no official name.


Fireman Sam

Thomas: - Fireman Sam
Percy: - Fireman Elvis Cridlington
Henry: - Auxilary Fireman Trevor Evans
Gordon: - Station officer Basil Steele
James: - Norman Price
Rosie: - Sarah
Edward: - James
Emily: - Dilys Price
Molly: - Bella Lasagne
Flora: - Firefighter Penny Morris

Postman Pat

Thomas: - Postman Pat
Percy: - Ted Glen
Edward: - Peter Fogg
Gordon: - Reverend Timms
Henry: - Major Forbes
Emily: - Mrs Goggins
Rosie: - Miss Hubbard
Molly: - Sarah Clifton
James: - Sam Waldron
Annie and Clarabel: - Jess the Cat(girl)
Daisy: - Dr Gilbertson
Toby: - Alf Thompson
Flora: - Dorothy Tompson
Mavis: - Julia Pottage
Arthur: - George Lancaster


Thomas: - Lightning McQueen
Emily: - Sally Carrera
Gordon: - Doc Hudson
Henry: - Sherrif
Percy: - Mater
Molly: - Flo
James: - Ramone
Rosie: - Lizzie
Diesel: - Chick Hicks
Edward: - The King
Duck: - Fillmore
Oliver: - Sarge
Arry: - Boost and Snotrod
Bert: - Wingo and DJ
Toby: - Mack
Bill: - Luigi
Ben: - Guido


  • Thomas: - WALL-E
  • Emily: - Eve
  • Percy: - Mo
  • Diesel: - Auto
  • Gordon: - Captin
  • Edward: - John
  • Molly: - Mary
  • The Fat Contoller: - Shelby Forthlight
  • Stanley: - VN-GO (the paint bot)
  • Rosie: - PR-T (the Beutican bot)
  • Mavis: - D-FIB (the defibrillator bot)
  • Stepney: - VAQ-M (the vacuum bot)
  • Toby: - L-T (the light bot)
  • Harvey: - HAN-S (the massagge bot)
  • Billy: - BRL-A (the umbrella bot)
  • Bill: - Gopher
  • Ben: - Stewards
  • Bertie: - Cockroach
  • Other passengers: - Other engines

South Park

  • Thomas - Stan Marsh
  • Percy - Kyle Broflovski
  • James - Eric Cartman
  • Edward - Kenny McCormick


  • Thomas would be in love with Molly.
  • Percy would be Thomas' best friend.
  • James would be fat (oh boy).
  • Edward would have a lot of accidents.
  • Bill/Ben would be frequently scolded.
  • Harvey would be the chef.
  • Donald/Douglas would be a homosexual teacher.
  • Rosie would be Thomas' violent sister.
  • Billy would be Percy's baby brother.

Ed, Edd, n Eddy

  • Percy (Ed) would be dumb and have an obsession with gravy on toast, and horror movies.
  • Thomas (Edd) would be smart.
  • James (Eddy) would be their greedy leader.
  • Billy would think he was popular.
  • Salty would be a loner.
  • Gordon would be a jock.
  • Molly would be everyone's girlfriend.
  • Henry would be an immigrant.
  • Rosie would be Percy's spoiled sister.
  • Daisy, Mavis, and Emily would be sisters.
  • Emily would like Percy.
  • Mavis would like Thomas.
  • Daisy would like James.


  • Thomas would be unlucky.
  • Percy would not speak much, only to Thomas.
  • Whiff would be loyal to his friends.
  • Donald would have messy blond hair.
  • Duck would be Hispanic.
  • Not much would be known about Arthur.
  • Billy would be Percy's replacement.
  • James would be their leader.
  • Toby would be the engines' counselor.
  • Daisy would be the warden.
  • Spencer would be nasty.
  • Henry would be an inventor.
  • Emily would be Thomas' mom.

Beavis and Butt-Head

  • Henry as Beavis
  • Gordon as Butt-Head
  • Toby as Mr. Anderson
  • Oliver as Mr. van Driessen
  • Spencer as Coach Buzzcut
  • James as Principal McVicker
  • Emily as Daria
  • Diesel as Todd
  • Edward as Stewart


  • Henry would get sugar rush, and call himself "The Great Cornholio".
  • Gordon would speak nasally, and be the leader of the duo.
  • Whenever Toby gave them chores, they would destroy his branchline, shed, or coach.
  • Oliver would be a hippie teacher.
  • Spencer would be an angry, impatient, short-tempered coach.
  • James would be the duo's nemesis.
  • Emily would abuse Gordon and Henry more than anyone else.
  • Diesel would be rude, arrogant, and violent.
  • Edward would believe the duo are his best friends.


  • Molly would be able to stick to solid surfaces and repel objects and people.
  • Henry would be Molly's father, and would have the same powers.
  • Emily would be Henry's wife, and know him and Molly inside out.
  • Gordon would be a good friend of Henry, Emily, and Molly.
  • Molly would think Gordon was her uncle.
  • Percy would be Molly's baby brother.
  • Neville would be Molly's boyfriend.
  • Donald would express feelings for Molly.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Percy would be the luckiest engine on Sodor.
  • Thomas would work in a toothpaste factory.
  • Molly would be Thomas' wife.
  • Henry, Emily, Hector, and Annie would be shed-ridden for a decade.
  • Douglas would be fat.
  • Daisy would be spoiled.
  • Mavis would chew gum.
  • James would watch TV all day long.
  • Elizabeth would be Douglas' mother.
  • BoCo would be in the nut business.
  • Rosie would be Mavis' mother.
  • Murdoch would teach high-school geography.
  • Oliver would be a candy man.
  • The narrow gauge engines would be his workers.

That's So Raven

  • Emily would love fashion.
  • Thomas and Molly would be Molly's best friends.
  • Thomas would be an aspiring rapper.
  • Molly would be absent-minded.
  • Percy would be Emily's money-loving brother.
  • Gordon would be a chef.
  • Daisy would be Emily's mom.


  • Thomas- Charlie Eppes
  • James - Don Eppes
  • Victor - Alan Eppes
  • Percy - Larry Fleindhart
  • Rosie - Amita Ramjuian
  • Emily - Terry Lake (Season 1)
  • Mavis - Megan Reeves (Seasons 2-4)
  • Molly - Nikki Betancourt (Season 5-)
  • Gordon - David Sinclair
  • Henry - Colby Granger (Season 2-)
  • Edward - Ian Edgarton
  • Flora - Mildred Finch

Red Green

  • Thomas - Red Green
  • Percy - Harold Green
  • James - Dalton Humphrey
  • Diesel - Mike Hamar
  • Edward - Old Man Sedgewick
  • Billy - Bill Green
  • Charlie - Walter
  • Gordon - Edgar K.B Montrose
  • Henry - Douggie Franklin
  • Toby - Moose Thomson
  • Neville - Winston Rothschild IV
  • Arry/Bert - Ranger Gord
  • Stanley - Buzz

The Jetsons

  • Thomas - George Jetson
  • Emily - Jane Jetson
  • Percy - Elroy Jetson
  • Molly - Judy Jetson
  • Mavis - Rosie The Robotic Maid
  • Henry - Henry Orbit
  • Gordon - Cosmo Spacely
  • Gremlin The Dog - Astro
  • Billy - Orbitty
  • Edward - Montague Jeston
  • Flora - Mrs. Spacely
  • Annie/Clarabel - Jane's Mother
  • Bill/Ben - Kenny Countdown

Mystery Science Theater 3000

  • Joel Robinson- Thomas
  • Mike Nelson- Percy
  • Crow T. Robot- Diesel
  • Tom Servo- Diesel 10
  • Gypsy- Emily
  • Magic Voice- Molly
  • Cambot- Henry
  • Clayton Forrester- Sir Topham Hatt
  • Frank- Sir Lowham Hatt
  • Dr.Ethardt- James
  • Pearl Forrester- Dowager Hatt
  • Professer Bobo- Arry
  • Brain Guy- Bert

Kim Possible

  • Molly would be a cheerleader.
  • Thomas would be Molly's goofy sidekick.
  • Percy would be a mole-rat.
  • Duck would be Wade Load.
  • Spencer would be obsessed with world domination.
  • Daisy would be Spencer's henchwoman.
  • Henry would be a rocket scientist.
  • Emily would be Molly's mother.
  • Bill and Ben would be Molly's annoying brothers.

Scooby Doo

  • Thomas: Scooby Doo
  • Edward: Fred
  • Emily: Daphne
  • Mavis: Velma
  • Percy: Shaggy

Sonic X

  • Gordon: Sonic
  • Duck: Tails
  • James: Knuckels
  • Emily: Amy
  • Edward: Chris
  • Diesel: Dr Eggman (Aka Robotnik)
  • Bill/Ben: Shadow
  • Rosie: Cream
  • Molly: Cosmo
  • Mavis: Rouge
  • Daisy: Vanilla
  • Other engines: Other characters.


  • Gordon will be a supersonic express engine.
  • Duck would be able to fly.
  • Emily would have a crush on Gordon.
  • Rosie and Duck would be the youngest main characters.
  • Edward would be 18 years old.
  • Diesel would have many other diesels to assist him and his plans.
  • James would be a kind of grumpy red engine.
  • Duck's real name would be Montague but he is more called Duck.

The Legend of Zelda

  • Thomas: Link
  • Emily: Princess Zelda
  • Gordon: King Harkinian
  • Diesel: Gannon

Ernest the Engine

  • Thomas: Ernest
  • Percy Stevie
  • Emily: Gail


  • Thomas would always be shown in the shed
  • Percy would stutter
  • Emily would be the only one who leaves the shed


  • Thomas: Ten Cents
  • Percy: Sunshine
  • Gordon: Big Mac
  • Toby: OJ
  • James: Top Hat
  • Henry: Warrior
  • Edward: Hercules
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Captain Star
  • Diesel: Zorran
  • Arry: Zebedee
  • Bert: Zak
  • Bill: Zug
  • Ben: Zip
  • Mr Percival: Captain Zero
  • Emily: Lillie
  • Bertie: Grampus
  • Dennis: Izzy Gomez
  • George: Bluenose


  • Thomas and Percy would be switchers.
  • Gorodn would speak with a Scotish accent.
  • Toby would be old.
  • James would be a stuck-up.
  • Henry would be Gordon's brother.
  • Edward would be a railway going engine.
  • Sir Topham Hatt never be seen.
  • Diesel would be the badest diesel.
  • Arry would speaks with a Liverpudlian accent.
  • Bert would be Arry's brother.
  • Bill and Ben would be best friends.
  • Mr Percival would be evil.
  • Emily would be special.
  • Bertie would be old.
  • Dennis would speak with a strong Mexican accent and wear a Sombrero.
  • George would be pompous.

The Simpsons

  • Thomas - Homer
  • Emily - Marge
  • James - Bart
  • Rosie - Lisa
  • Lady - Maggie
  • Toby - Grandpa Abe
  • Edward - Ned Flanders
  • Molly - Maude Flanders
  • Bill and Ben - Rod and Todd Flanders
  • Percy - Lenny
  • Duck - Carl
  • Henry - Barney
  • Sixteen - Moe
  • Diesel - Mr. Burns
  • Fergus - Mr. Smithers
  • Gordon - Principal Skinner
  • Daisy - Edna Krappable
  • Cranky - Krusty the Clown
  • Bertie - Sideshow Mel
  • George - Sideshow Bob
  • Bulgy - Comic Book Guy

Family Guy

  • Thomas: Peter
  • Emily: Lois
  • Bill: Chris
  • Daisy: Meg
  • Duke: Brian
  • Duncan: Stewie
  • James: Quagmire
  • Toby: Cleveland
  • Gordon: Joe
  • Mavis: Bunnie
  • Spencer: Ernie The Giant Chicken
  • Hiro: Herbert
  • Murdoch: Tom Tucker
  • Elizabeth: Dianne Simmons
  • Peter Sam: Neil
  • Fergus: Mort
  • Edward: Adam West
  • Diesel 10: Death
  • Caroline: Death's Mother
  • Madge: Jillian

Team Fortress 2

  • Murdoch-Heavy
  • Diesel-Spy
  • Percy-Scout
  • Thomas-Pyro
  • Donald-Demoman
  • Toby-Engineer
  • Gordon-Soldier
  • James-Sniper

Lord of the Rings

  • Thomas-Frodo
  • Percy-Sam
  • Bill-Merry
  • Ben-Pippin
  • Edward-Gandalf
  • Gordon-Aragorn
  • Duck-Legolas
  • Duncan-Gimli
  • James-Boromir
  • Toby-Bilbo
  • Toad-Gollum
  • Diesel 10-Sauron
  • Diesel-Saruman
  • Dodge/Splatter-Grima Wormtounde.
  • Cranky-Treebeard
  • Cranes-Ents
  • Ring Wraiths-Assorted Trucks
  • Witch King-Hector
  • Eagle-Faromir
  • Lady-Arwen
  • Skarloey/Rheneas-Elrond
  • Denethor-Sir Topham Hatt
  • Tom Bombadil-Rocky


  • Thomas would be the main character.
  • Percy would be his closet companion.
  • Bill and Ben would be friends, and cause a lot of trouble.
  • Edward would be old and wise.
  • Gordon would be brave and proud.
  • Duck would be clever and nimble.
  • Duncan would be small and stubborn.
  • James would be proud and vain.
  • Toby would be old and friendly.
  • Toad would be a small creature who talks to himself.
  • Diesel 10 would be ultimately evil, and be represented by his claw.
  • Diesel would be Diesel 10's servant.
  • Dodge/Splatter would be Diesel's servant and pawn.
  • Cranky would be large and considered inanimate, like his fellow cranes/ents.
  • The trucks would be troublesome, and eternal servants of Diesel 10.
  • Hector would be the largest and most powerful of the Ring Wraiths.
  • Eagle would be intelligent and brave, but not vain like James.
  • Sir Topham Hatt would be a stout lord.
  • Lady would be fair beyond compare.
  • Skarloey/Rheneas would be a wise elf.
  • Rocky would be big and jolly, with a tendency to sing.

Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour

  • Henry - Owen
  • Rosie - Gwen
  • Elizabeth - Heather
  • Duncan - Duncan
  • Mavis - Leshawna
  • Edward - Geoff
  • Emily - Izzy
  • Rocky - DJ
  • Isabella - Lindsay
  • Molly - Bridgette
  • Thomas - Trent
  • Daisy - Eva
  • Whiff - Harold
  • Rusty - Courtney
  • Ben - Sadie
  • Flora - Beth
  • Percy - Cody
  • Jack - Tyler
  • Bill - Katie
  • Hank - Justin
  • James - Noah
  • Smudger - Ezekiel
  • Billy - Alejandro
  • Lady - Sierra


  • Henry would overeat, and be in a relationship with Emily.
  • Rosie would be a loner, and have a relationship with Thomas.
  • Elizabeth would be manipulative and sucker Isabella and Flora into an alliance.
  • Duncan would be a criminal and be in a relationship with Rusty.
  • Mavis would be a homegirl and be in a relationship with Whiff.
  • Edward would love to party and always make out with Molly.
  • Emily would be extremely crazy and have a relationship with Henry.
  • Rocky would be paranoid, and be scared of just about anything.
  • Isabella would be extremely dumb, and have a relationship with Jack.
  • Molly would be a surfer engine and always make out with Edward.
  • Thomas would be a musician and have a relationship with Rosie.
  • Daisy would have anger problems.
  • Whiff would be a nerd and have a relationship with Mavis.
  • Rusty would be female and be uptight, yet have a relationship with Duncan.
  • Ben would also be female, and be pale and overweight.
  • Flora would be a wannabe, and have braces.
  • Percy would have a crush on Rosie, yet he is stalked by Lady.
  • Jack would fail at sports and have a relationship with Isabella.
  • Bill would be female and be tan and skinny.
  • Hank would be extremely gorgeous.
  • James would be a know-it-all.
  • Smudger would be hmseschooled and greedy.
  • Billy would be evil.
  • Lady would stalk Percy.

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