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Steam Engines

Last of the Railroads


Jay is a snooty old express engine. He's very concieted, but he does have a good side. Jay always boasts about his "great runs" and thinks of himself as a very important engine. He is based on the N&W "J" class locomtive #611.


Johnny is a cheeky little tank engine. He's best friends with Marian, and is well liked by the other engines, too. He was prone to illness when he arrived on the railroad (he was being scrapped, and purchased just in time). He saved the railway's engines soon after with the help of Thomas. In thanks, Johnny was given his own branch line. Since then, he's had many adventures, and continues to aid the Smoky Valley Railroad and keep it from closure.


Marian is Johnny's best friend. She works as shunter in the main yards. Marian's past is murky, and she refuses to talk about it. Despite this, she is a cheerful, naive little engine, and she often joins Johnny on his adventures. Marian is based on a LNER "Marriot" J93 0-6-0ST.


Scout is a medium size tender engine. She takes most of the frieght trains on the SVR. Scout is the voice of reson behind Johnny and Marian's antics and is a good friend to them. She is based on the LMS Class 2P 4-4-0.

The Sodor Engines


Abby was one of the engines who helped Edward build Tidmouth Station. She is friendly, helpful, and kind, but is also very stubborn. She is Edward's best friend. When City of Wellsworth tried to destroy Edward, she came to Edward's rescue, and together they were able to stop him, although she was dragged over the cliff with him. Abby was restored fifty-five years later, and works on the North Western Rialway. She is based on an LMS 4F 0-6-0 class locomotive.


Alex is a medium-sized tender engine. He is part of the National Collection, and went with the engines on their way to York. He teased Edward and Toby about their age, but they proved him wrong. Later, Alex came to Sodor when the National Railway Museum was dextroyed by Diesel 10's bomb. He is a good-natured engine, but can be a little concieted at times. Alex is based on an LMS Stanier Class 5 locomotive.


Eve (short for Evening Star) is, as of 1980, the last steam engine ever built. Thoams met her at the National Railway Museum, and seeing her helped him to understand what had happened to steam engines. He later rescued her from a bomb scheduled to go off at a ceremony. Eve is very kind and helpful, but she is also very stubborn and determined. Thomas saved her from the blast, and she in turn hauled him over to the other engines. Eve now works on the North Western Railway. Eve is a 9F lcomotive, and so brother to Murdoch.


Jones is an LNER H2 4-4-4 tank engine brought in after the opening of the Kirk Ronan line. He is adventurous and quick-witted, but a hard worker. Jones is very friendly, but he has a sharp tongue and finds it easy to hold a grudge. He bore one such grudge against diesels until Boco showed him that not all diesels are evil. Jones works as a shunter at Tidmouth Yards, but occasionally works on the branch lines, especially the Krik Ronan line.


Lily is a headstrong tank engine based on the "Hecate" class locomotive. Her heart is in the right place, but she can be very stubborn at times. When she first arrived, she attept to pull a train of troublesome trucks, ignoring the other engines' advice. After the brakes jammed, she had to ask for help, but was still able to get the trucks to her destination.


Matthias is a big tank engine based on the "Rememberance" class locomotive. When he arrived, Sir Topham Hatt sent him to work on the main line. But the big engines despised the idea of working with a tank engine and made him shunt for them. At last he could take it no longer and went on strike, sitting in his shed all day. When Henry broke down on the main line with the express, Matthias went to help and pulled the train very well. The big engines were impressed and apoligized for their behavior.


Natalie is a large tank engine in the National Collection. Her best friend is Duck, although they often argue about the superiority of their own railways (Duck prefering the Gwr, Natalie favoring the LMS). It created a rift when they first met, but when Duck rescued Natalie after she ran out of coal, the two became friends. She came to Sodor after the National Railway Museum was destroyed. Natalie is based on an LMS 3-Cylindered Stanier 2-6-4T.


Peter is an SR "Schools" class locomotive. He's a quiet type, and isn't particularly fond of doing things that are dangerous or risky. However, he's got a big heart and will risk everything for a friend in need. Peter runs heavy frieght and passenger trains on the Kirk Ronan line, although he sometimes works the Maain line if needed.


Stephen is an E4 tank engine with dark green paint. He came to Sodor at the same time as Diesel 10. Stephen was friendly enough to the other engines, but Thomas noticed him acting strangely and became suspicious of him. While helping Duck rescue Lady, he revealed that he was a spy and slammed Duck into a wall, half-burying him. Later, Stephen was left at the yards with Edward while his diesel allies chased Thomas and his friends. He saw how much the diesels had hurt Edward and repented. Later, he caught up with Thomas and the others others, but instead of destroying them gave Percy his coal and stayed behind to hold off the diesels. He then torched the bridge they had crossed, buying them soem time. When Diesel 10 saw this, he knocked Stephen into a bog in rage. Thomas saw the whole thing and forgave Stephen.


Tim is a friendly tender engine. He was scheduled to pull a special, but James took his place in order to get the free luxuries involved beforehand. However, James wasn't strong enough to actually take the special, and Tim arrived soon afterward. He was cross, but forgave James soon afterwards. The two became friends, and James was allowed to act as a banker for the train. He now works on the North Western Raiwlay. Tim is based on an LNWR G Class.

Thomas and his chums


Bob is a cheeky tank engine who is always having accidents.


George is a yellow tank engine who is stronger than Stanley.

Thomas the Trackmaster Adventures


Albert is Thomas' father. His character appears to be like that of Thomas - he described Albert as being gentlemanly and polite. Albert is based on the Parker J1 2-4-2 class, rebuilt from the earlier E1 class of 2-4-0 tank engines of 1870, which were built originally by Sharp, Stewart and Co.


98462 was built in 1961, as a replica of the Holden B12. When he was working on the mainland, the diesels mocked him, which caused his misery. His misery turned to anger, burning in his boiler. d was renamed 98462. 98462 arrived back on Sodor in November 2007, and was spiteful to the tank engines. He crashed into a goods train, and was going to be sent away after he was repaired at the Sodor Steamworks. In winter, Thomas' injector failed, and 98462 was to help Thomas and his train back to Ffarqhuar. 98462 apologized to the tank engines for his behavior, and he was allowed to stay, and renamed Gregory, and engine number 84.


Becky is a Great Western goods engine. She's one of the younger engines, and is Duck's girlfriend. Becky's best friends are Duck, Oliver, Molly and Thomas. Becky is based on the GWR 2301 Class Dean Goods.


Bridget is Edward's love-interest. She is a very shy and timid engine, but when she meets Edward, she gains confidence. Bridget is based on the LNER Gresley Class D49.


Cecil was built in 1961, as a replica of the Gresley B17. The details of his life up to 2005 is murky. He was destroyed by Alfred in 2005 because Cecil told him about being dealt with. Cecil's twisted remains were taken back to the other railway where he was melted down and built into a new B17. After emerging from the works a few months after, Cecil was renamed 87546. 87546 arrived on Sodor in January 2008, as was extremely lazy and sarcastic. When Molly's cab controls failed, 87546 had to help her finish her job. He was allowed to stay and renamed to Martin, and numbered 87 of the North Western Railway.


Charles is a mixed-traffic engine. He had problems on his first day, but he did well the next day, and even made the trucks behave. Charles is based on the LNER Class C1.


A beautiful and kind-hearted blue engine. She is in love with Gordon when she first saw him but she gets nervous around him and sometimes her face turns flushed red. Danni's also the only one who never teased Gordon at all and she became Gordon's girlfriend after she saved his life or even stood up for him. Danni is based on the Caledonian Railway Single 123.


Eagle is James' older brother, and wise like Edward. He pulls passenger trains through the day, but often pulls trucks. Eagle, like James, is based on the L&YR Class 25.


Earl is an express engine. He's the second of his class, and helps Gordon and Spencer with the Wild Nor'Wester. Earl is based on the un-streamlined LNER Class P2.


Edwin is a powerful-mixed traffic tank engine. He pulls goods trains with Stanley, and takes Annie, Brittany and Clarabel when Thomas is ill or away. Edwin is based on the LNER Class V3.


Goose is Duck's brother. GWR Class 57xx.


Gwen is Molly's younger sister. She was built in 1984, as a replica for the LNER Claud Hamilton. She's a goth engine, which is evident through her wearing of black make-up and black paint scheme. Despite her often morbid and broodily personality, she is quite friendly and loves her big sister Molly beyond anything. Still, she can be get very creepy at times and is not afraid to speak her mind. Gwen appears in Thomas the Trackmaster Adventures.


Harley is the newest engine on Sodor, and also one of the strongest. He is constantly late with all his trains and for meetings. The other engines feel sorry for his lateness, but James cannot help teasing him about it. Harley is not based on any particular locomotive class; he is custom built at Crovan's Gate.


Harry is Oliver's brother. GWR Class 14xx.


Harry was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1922, as the prototype J50. He arrived on Sodor in 1923, when Sir Topham Hatt was deciding who should be number one of Sodor. Stuart and Harry fought for the position, but one day, while double heading a goods train in 1928, Harry was pushed over a cliff and wrecked. He believed Stuart did this, even though the latter didn't do it. Harry was sold to the mines deep in Sodor, and vowed his revenge. Harry was restored to service in 2006, and plotted his revenge on Thomas. Harry almost managed to do so, but was defeated when he was pushed over a cliff. His remains were sold to the mines again.


Jim is Thomas' substitute when Emily and Thomas go to the other railway to search for new engines. When he arrived, Molly disliked him for "replacing" Thomas. After Thomas and Emily's return with the new engines, Molly forgave Jim, who was allowed to stay. Jim is based on the LMS Fowler 4F No. 44422.


Kitchener is an ex-army locomotive. His full name is "The Sodor Regiment" after the island's army regiment, but he was given his nickname on arrival to help along the Sir Topham Hatt's extension line. He is based on the LMS Royal Scot.


Marie is Thomas' mother. Oddly enough, Thomas resembles her more than he does Albert. Marie is sometimes cheeky like her son. Marie is based on the LB&SCR Class E2, like Thomas.


Nigel is a mixed-traffic engine who has been living on the Island of Sodor since the end of the Second World War. When we meet him, Eagle at first mistook him for a ghost. Nigel now works on Norramby branch line, and has found Zack the J83 a great North Eastern friend. Nigel is named after his designer, Herbert Nigel Gresley, and is based on the LNER Gresley V2, which No. 4471 - Green Arrow - is a member of.


Quinlee is Spencer's girlfriend. At first, she plays a rival to Molly, mostly because of Molly's dislike for Thompson designs. In the end, they made up and became friends. Quinlee is based on the LNER Thompson Class B1.


Quinten is Neville's sole surviving brother. The two engines fell out after an accident, but now Neville and Quinten are friends again. Quinten loves telling jokes. He is based on the SR Class Q1.


Ryan is a freight engine with an attitude. He didn't take to the smaller engines, but when he bashed into two lorries who were competing with Percy and Eagle, Ryan has changed completely. Ryan is based on the LMS Stanier 8F.


Sam is an old Scottish engine. He has a strong Scottish accent and has a Scottish attitude, i.e. doesn't always listen to the "English" engines. However, once he met Donald and Douglas, he changed completely and is always a welcome visitor to the sheds. Sam is based on the LNER J39, the most numerous of Gresley's designs.

Sir Nigel Gresley

Sir Nigel Gresley is one of Spencer's brothers. He's very competitive, and wants to prove his speed and strength. Sir Nigel, like Spencer, is based on the LNER Class A4, and is remarkably a real engine.


Tornado is the newest steam engine for British Railways. When she arrived, she was conceited and thought of herself. But after a mishap, Tornado knew Sodor was a really useful railway, and befriended Molly before returning. Tornado is LNER Peppercorn A1 No. 60163.


Walter is Toby's cousin. Despite his small size, Walter is strong in strength, and proved so to James. Walter is based on the LNER Class Y6, and early development of the J70.


Wendy is Emily's substitute when Thomas and Emily go to the other railway to search for new engines. When she arrived, Stanley took a shine to her. After Thomas and Emily's return with the new engines, Wendy was allowed to stay. Wendy is based on the LSWR Class T9 No. 30120.


Zack is a blue LNER tank engine. He is small, but very powerful. Zack is kind and gentle like Boco, even the trucks do not play tricks on him. Zack is also a member of Norramby branch line, and likes working with Molly the Holden D16. He appears to have a crush on her. Zack is a Holden rebuild of the LNER Holmes J83 tank engine.

Thomas the Wooden Engine


Ednok is a new engine. When he performed a daring rescue, Sir Topham Hatt awarded him with some new coaches.


Jack is a streamliner.


Mike is a steelworks engine.

Diesel Engines

Last of the Railroads


The only diesel on the railway, Cedric runs main line trains with Jay and Scout. When he arrived on the railway, he bore a grudge against the steamies there, but he befriended them eventually. Cedric is kind and helpful, and a good friend. He is based on a class 40 diesel locomotive.


D2000 is an evil diesel bent on the destruction of the world's last few steam engines. He was built as a modified EMD SD45-2 with an expirimental turbine design, similar to that of the LMS Turbomotive. Although this design was successful, making him a very powerful locomotive, he was prone to illness and would often stop for no apparent reason. Because of this, he was not taken in by the railway collections and sent away for scrap. D2000 fled his death sentence, living as a vagabond, much like the legendary Thomas. His once tolerant opinion of steam engines changed, because he mistakenly believed they had taken up all of the space in the museums, leaving him for the scrap heap. After trying to destroy the museums (and the steamies in them), he heard about the Smoky Valley railroad. After having fabricated an invitation to them with the help of his driver, he captured the railroad's steamies, preparing to scrap them. But he didn't take into account Johnny, who had been left behind. With the help of Thomas, Johnny tracked them to the scrapyard that was D2000's headquarters. The steamies were escaping when D200 discovered their plot and trapped them. He pursued to the smelters' shed, where they were trapped by D2000's henchmen. But the evil diesel lost control and crashed into support, causing the roof to crumble and collapse. The steamies escaped (although Johnny was badly damaged), but D200 was trapped by the rubble and crushed. A fire spread, covering the rubble. It is unknown what happened to D2000's remains.

The Sodor Engines

758 & 145

758 and 145 are two diesels who live on the other railway. They hate steamies and enjoy teasing them. Both stay at the sheds of Barrow-in-Furness, meaning that they come in contact with the Sodor engines a lot. 758 is a class 27 diesel engine, and 145 is a class 09 diesel shunter.

Thomas and his chums


Chuck is another new diesel at the Quarry. Ignacio is usually angry with him.


Ignacio is the new diesel at the Quarry. He is nice, but sometimes joins in on the other diesel's pranks.

Electric Engines

The Sodor Engines


Tess is a friendly GG1 engine who runs a special electric branch line with overhead wires. Henry once had to work with her, and although he found her unusual, they slowly became friends. Later, when James broke down, Tess rescued him, but the engines thought she had made him crash. Henry stood up for her, and the others realized that Tess was a useful engine.

2021: A Railway Odyssey


ACEL is a large electric locomotive, engineered by trains to pull extrememly heavy loads. Unlike most trains, his conciousness exists in computer form. ACEL was part of the mission to Vicarstown, but contradicting orders caused him to malfunction. He killed Percy, and attempted to leave Thomas behind. Thomas caught up to him, however, and disconnected his conciousness cables, leaving him a mindless motor. As Thomas did so, he sang "I've been working on the Railroad" until his voice failed. ACEL is quite obviously a parody of HAL from Kubrick's 2001, and even copies some of his quotes ("I'm afraid I can't do that, Thomas.")

Rolling Stock

Thomas the Wooden Engine

Jerry, Larry, Harry, Bob, Robert, Jacky, and Charlette

Jerry, Larry, Harry, Bob, Robert, Jacky, and Charlette are troublesome trucks.


Thomas the Wooden Engine


Ernest is a rock-blaster. He appears in Thomas the Wooden Engine.

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