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Last of the Railroads was a 2013 television series produced by Global Railways Productions. It took place on the Smoky Valley Railroad, beginning in the year 2047.


The show's characters were introduced in the 2012 movie End of an Era. Then, in 2013, the show's first season began to air. Fans of Thomas the Tank Engine admired the show and it soon had a small but loyal fan base. Sadly, halfway through the series resources ran out and the show was cancelled.


Johnny - Johnny is a cheeky, friendly little tank engine and the protagonist of the series. He worked on a small industrial railway until it was closed. Johnny, although troublesome, has a big heart and is a good friend. He is based on a LMS Fowler Class 3F tank engine.

Marian - Marian is Johnny's best friend. She works as a yard shunter near the main sheds. She's just as mischevious as Johnny, but is more naive. Her past is murky, and she refuses to talk about it. Marian is based on a LNER "Marriot" J93 0-6-0ST.

Jay - Jay is a snooty old express engine. He's seen better days and is constantly boasting about his fast express runs. Despite his conciet, he has a good heart. Jay is based on the N & W "J" class locomotive.

Scout - Scout is a medium size tender engine. She is the voice of reson behind Johnny and Marian's antics and is a good friend to them. Scout is the main freight locomotive on the SVR. She is based on the LMS Class 2P 4-4-0.

Cedric - The only diesel on the railway, Cedric runs main line trains with Jay and Scout. When he arrived on the railway, he bore a grudge against the steamies there, but he befriended them eventually. Cedric is based on a class 40 diesel locomotive.

Mark Capp - Mr. Capp is the controller of the SVR. He's strict but wise, and can read the engines' minds (mostly when they've misbehaved).


(Note: Aside from the introductory movie, each episode is approximately thirteen minutes long.)

End of an Era - Johnny, a little tank engine, has found temporary refuge from scrap on the Smoky Valley Railroad. But when his new-found friends are kidnapped, he must rescue them, with the help of the legendary tank engine Thomas. (Introductory Movie)

Season 1

  • 001. An Amazing Adventure - Johnny and Marian must get Jay's express home when he breaks down.
  • 002. Times are Changin' - A new diesel called 1738 arrives to help out, but he hates the SVR.
  • 003. On the Loan Again - 1738 blames Scout for an accident, and must decide his feelings for the railway.
  • 004. The Great Race - Jay is goven a run for his money when he challenges a truck to a race.
  • 005. Old Memories - A chance encounter with a diesel leads Johnny to investigate Marian's murky past.
  • 006. #13 - Johnny discovers a shocking secret about Marian that could turn the others against her.
  • 007. Scout's Expedition - Scout must take a frieght train through an old mountain line.
  • 008. All Together Now - When Mr. Capp breaks his leg and can't work, can the locomtives still keep the railway going?



  • Martin Sherman - Johnny
  • Jules de Jongh -Marian, Scout
  • Glenn Wrage - Jay, Cedric
  • William Hope - Mr. Capp


  • Ben Small - Johnny
  • Teresa Gallagher - Marian, Scout
  • Micheal Angelis - Jay
  • Keith Wickham - Mr. Capp
  • Matt Wilkinson - Cedric

Where is the Smoky Valley Railroad?

Throughout the entire series, only two permanent locations (the Smoky Valley Railroad and the Capitol) have been shown and the series has never stated where the SVR actually is, aside from the fact that it is located near low mountains. There are two main ideas. Number one, created by fans from the United Kingdom, states that the SVR is in the Cotswolds, and the Capitol is London. The evidence: most of the engines are European, and it is unlikely that so many would be exported. But American fans insist that the SVR is somewhere in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, and that the Capitol is Washington D.C. The evidence: the mountains appear to be too low to be the Cotswolds, and the line has the American name Railroad, instead of Railway. The show's producers have given no hints as to where the Smoky Valley Railroad really is, and it is unlikely that they ever will.

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