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Thomas and his chums is a spin-off of the current series. It focuses more on the power of freindship and teamwork than life lessons. The show is currently narrated by Michael Anglies and stars Kerry Shale as Thomas. The show crossed over with Bob The Builder and The Jetsons in Season 2.

The show is produced in full CGI animation, and uses a voice cast.


  • Thomas, is the No.1 engine, he works on the Norramby Beach Branch Line and works with Percy, Mavis, Toby, and Rosie. It is hinted that he has a crush on Emily.
  • Percy, is the No.6 engine, and Thomas' best friend. He helps out on the branch line. He is often quite stupid and is always in trouble.
  • Stanley, is one of the newer engines on Sodor. He is always helpful, and ready for adventure.
  • James, is the No.5 engine, and is proud of his splendid red coat. This usually leads to trouble though.
  • Toby, is the No.7 engine, and a steam tram. He works with Flora sometimes at Great Waterton.
  • Emily, is another new engine. She doesn't take any guff from the newer engines like Spencer. She is known to be a Little Ms. Bossy Buffers. But she's still a nice engine. It is hinted that she has a crush on Thomas.
  • Henry, is the No.3 engine on Sodor. He is very sick however, and needs special coal a lot.
  • Gordon, is the No.4 engine. He pulls the express, and sometimes gets too big for his wheels.
  • Edward, is one of the oldest engines. He wears the No.2 on his side.
  • Victor, is the cheif engine at The Sodor Steamworks. He works with Kevin the crane.
  • Kevin, is the unexpericened crane at The Sodor Steamworks. He works under Victor's strict rules, and is always dropping things.
  • Charlie, is the new arrival. He loves fun, and he never takes things seriously.
  • Mavis, helps Thomas out on his branchline. She is sometimes feisty. it is hinted that she has a crush on Percy.
  • Ignacio, is the new diesel at the Quarry. He is nice, but sometimes joins in on the other diesel's pranks.
  • Sir Topham Hatt, is the controller of the railway. He makes sure everything runs right on time.
  • Lady Hatt, is Sir Topham Hatt's wife.
  • Rosie, is a tank engine, who idolizes Thomas. However this often annoys him.
  • Hank, is a gentle giant from America. He wants to help with the heavy loads, but usually nobody lets him.
  • Billy, is an engine who dosen't listen to directions well. The first time he showed up on Sodor, he refused to listen to Hank, Spencer, and Ignacio. Eventually he broke down, and Thomas helped him. Since then, he has become a better listener.
  • Hector, is a very happy hopper, well after he braved getting filled with coal of course. We have Thomas, and Percy to thank for that.
  • Spencer, is a sliver steam engine, who causes trouble for the other engines.
  • The Duke And Duchess Of Boxford, are two very socialized people, who ride around in Spencer. They still know sense though.
  • Rocky, is a crane who can lift heavy things such as engines, and full freight cars, after accidents.
  • Flora, is the new steam tram. She works at Great Waterton. It is hinted that she has a crush on Toby.
  • Bob, is a cheeky tank engine who is always having accidents.
  • Chuck, is another new diesel at the Quarry. Ignacio is usually angry with him.
  • George, is a yellow tank engine who is stronger than Stanley.
  • Molly, is a yellow tender engine who is very sensitive. It is hinted that she has a crush on Edward.


  • Michael Anglies Narrator
  • Kerry Shale Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt, Bob
  • William Hope Edward, Toby, Henry, Charlie, Stanley, Billy, George
  • Dallas Jokic Percy, Kevin, Rocky
  • Tony Plana Igancio, The Duke Of Boxford
  • Jules De Jhongh Emily, Mavis, Lady Hatt, Rosie, The Duchess Of Boxford, Flora, Molly
  • Glenn Wrage Victor, James, Hank, Spencer
  • Frank Welker Gordon, Hector, Chuck


Season 1

  • The Begiining (78 mintue film)
  • 1. Thomas And The Freight Cars
  • 2. Gordon Works It Out
  • 3. Henry's Got Power
  • 4. Thomas Drives James Up The Wall
  • 5. Foolish Thomas
  • 6. Welcome Billy!
  • 7. Percy And The Mail
  • 8. At The Break Of Dawn
  • 9. Zuchinni
  • 10. Thomas, Stanley, And The Pizzas
  • 11. Thomas, Meet Hector (1)
  • 12. Nobody Likes Hector (2)
  • 13. Emily's Important Day
  • 14. Snow Is Falling
  • 15. The Snowploughs
  • 16. Pondering Over Porridge
  • 17. Edward And The Important Guest
  • 18. Henry Gets Wet
  • 19. Puffing Proudly
  • 20. Twilight

Season 2

  • 21-24. Thomas Meets The Jetsons (crossover #1)
  • 25. Percy And The Traffic Post
  • 26. Doorknob Collectors
  • 27. Thomas And The Lost Boys
  • 28. Henry And The Picnic
  • 29. Stanley Goes Mad
  • 30. Thomas And The Choclate
  • 31. Chuff! Chuff! Crash!
  • 32. Charlie And The Soda
  • 33. Thomas And The Waterpark
  • 34. James And The Bad Coal
  • 35. Billy And The School Trip
  • 36. The School Vacation
  • 37-40. Scoop Vs. Thomas (crossover #2)

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