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Thomas and Friends: The New Life is a spin-off to Thomas and Friends that aired in early 2011 where Sodor is destroyed and everyone has to temporarily live on Misty Island.

Main Characters

  • Thomas - One of the smallest engines on Misty Island. Number #01.
  • Edward - Still the wisest engine, but that could change. Number #02.
  • Gordon - Alot of tension goes into being the oldest brother. Number #03.
  • Henry - Does harder work now that he has an extra pair of wheels. Number #04.
  • James - Now he works at the Misty Island Paint Factory. Number #05.
  • Percy - Since Sodor was destroyed, Percy and Toby have been really good friends. Number #06.
  • Toby - Out of all the engines on Misty Island, Toby misses Sodor the most. Number #07.
  • Duck - After a long time, Duck has started to 'waddle' again. Number #08.
  • Donald and Douglas - Scottish twin tnder engines with attitude. Numbers #09 and #10. As of Season 15, they are main characters.
  • Oliver - Another Great Western engine, who is best friends with Duck and Arthur. Number #11. As of Season 13, he is a main character.
  • Emily - Very happy with her new number. Number #12.
  • Arthur - He is a friendly engine from the LMS who works on Duck's branchline. Number #13. As of Season 13, he is a main character.
  • Bash and Dash - They are now the new members of the Steam Team, along with Ferdinand. Number #14 and 15. As of Season 7, they are no longer main characters.
  • Ferdinand - He is now a new member of the Steam Team, along with Bash and Dash. Number #13. As of Season 7, he is no longer a main character.
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All the episodes of the series.

Season 1

Season 2

  • 021. Vince and Victor - Victor's 'evil' twin arrives on Misty Island.
  • 022. Golden Shed - Sir Topham Hatt holds a competition for the Golden Shed.
  • 023. Level Up - Kendall gets lost in a maze, still under construction.
  • 024. Ninja Trains From Tokyo (Part 1) - Ninja Trains invade Misty Island.
  • 025. Ninja Trains From Tokyo (Part 2) - Ninja Trains retreat after seeing Ghost Hopper.
  • 026. Kendall's New Friend - A new electric engine is being built.
  • 027. Jewel Robbery - Misty Island's jewellery store is robbed.
  • 028. Secret Agent - The new electric engine Jared is finally complete.
  • 029. Laser Beams! - Jared is out on his first mission.
  • 030. Gordon's Weird Dream - Gordon has a dream that repeats exactly the same in real.
  • 031. Midnight - Ghost Hopper has returned.
  • 032. Supersized - Jared finds an enlargement device.
  • 033. We Need New Coal! - There is no coal on Misty Island.
  • 034. Ninja Trains Return - The Ninja Trains don't stand a grudge against Matt.
  • 035. Bash, Dash and Smash - Bash and Dash find their long lost brother Smash.
  • 036. Key Shed - There is a mystery engine living in a locked shed.
  • 037. Magic Show - A famous magician (from Smoke and Mirrors) is coming to Misty Island.
  • 038. Boco Is Back - Boco finally arrives on Misty Island.
  • 039. Against Logan - The Mystery Engine is finally revealed.
  • 040. Spy's Christmas Wish - Jared makes a special Christmas Wish.

SPECIAL: Roven Railway

Join Thomas and the gang when Skarloey and his friends arrive on Misty Island. Just one thing; Thomas and his friends don't know about it! Can Skarloey, Rheneas and their new friend Zack get noticed? Or will they have to do their work alone?

Season 3

  • 041. A Mess For James - James gets drenched in paint on the job.
  • 042. Donald and the Bakery - Donald runs into a bakery while pulling a goods train.
  • 043. Camping - Thomas, Percy, Toby and Ferdinand take some children camping.
  • 044. Logan Undercover - Logan finds out that Jared is a spy, and ends up as one.
  • 045. Silly Gordon - Gordon starts to act childish.
  • 046. There's a Ghost Hopper Living Under The Sheds! - Thomas gets a different shed.
  • 047. Psychic Engine - New engine Josh proves to be psychic.
  • 048. Uh-Oh Spaghetti O's! - Henry has a fear of spaghetti.
  • 049. Down at the Roven Railway - Boco visits the Roven Railway.
  • 050. A Very Special Episode - All the characters talk about their favourite adventure.
  • 051. Daisy on the Docks - One of the last few cargo ships arrives.
  • 052. Energy Drink - Thomas is splashed in Red Bull and becomes much stronger.
  • 053. Pac-Engine (crossover with Pacman) - Misty Island becomes a video game.
  • 054. Shark Train - While running on the new Ocean Line, Thomas is swallowed by a shark.
  • 055. Scored In The Other Team's Goal - Toby makes a huge mistake and can't fix it.
  • 056. Mission: Impossible! - Jared must acomplish his hardest mission yet.
  • 057. Dash in a Twist - Dash gets sick and can't do a very important job.
  • 058. Lost City - Bash and Dash find a lost city but don't tell anyone about it.
  • 059. Candyland - Percy accidentally gets caught in a tractor beam to Candyland.
  • 060. The Suprise Christmas Box - A box arrives during Christmas with a surprise in it.

Season 4

  • 061. Steve's First Summer - Steve's first summer is the best ever on Misty Island.
  • 062. Free Falling - Angus goes skydiving... without a parachute!
  • 063. Misty Caverns - Charlie finds the Misty Caverns.
  • 064. The Rich vs. The Poor - Some orphans arrive, or do they?
  • 065. Thomas Meets Super Mario (crossover with Super Mario and Donkey Kong) - Thomas and his friends meet the Super Mario Gang.
  • 066. The Return of the Diesels - Diesel, Diesel 10 and all the other evil diesels gang up on Thomas.
  • 067. Problem with Vince - Vince gets hit by a passing truck at a crossing.
  • 068. Steamworks for Vince - Victor and Kevin fix Vince up from the crash.
  • 069. Cavern Engines - Matt finds Brad and Tim, two engines living in Misty Caverns.
  • 070. Misty Island Halloween - Ghost Hopper is back for Tim and Brad.
  • 071. Burn The House Down - The Roven Sheds get destroyed in a firestorm.
  • 072. Introducing Chris - A new engine arrives, made out of wood.
  • 073. Last Ship - The very last cargo ship arrives.
  • 074. Blackout! - A blackout occurs on Misty Island, meaning Logan, Kendall and Jared can't run.
  • 075. Caverns Go Underwater (Part 1) - Josh finds a path in Misty Caverns leading underwater.
  • 076. Caverns Go Underwater (Part 2) - An underwater track is built.
  • 077. Ejector Line - Thomas gets catapulted backwards on the under construction ejector line.
  • 078. Spy Strikes Again - Jared is off on another mission.
  • 079. Zack in the Lead - There is a race on the Roven Railway.
  • 080. Roven Railway Christmas - It's the little engines' first Christmas on Misty Island.

Season 5

This is the first season without a Christmas-themed finale.

  • 081. Sodor is Back - Sodor has completely been rebuilt.
  • 082. Dino-Thomas - Thomas is hypnotized to think he's a dinosaur.
  • 083. Pack Pack Packin' - The engines prepare to move back.
  • 084. Last Day On Misty Island - A big cargo ship arrives to take all the engines back to Sodor.
  • 085. One Man Left Behind - Thomas gets left on Misty Island, and the tunnel is closed.
  • 086. Chris and Jasper - Another wooden engine arrives.
  • 087. Cookies and Cream - Arthur crashes into a yoghurt factory.
  • 088. Bash, Dash and the Dream Factory - Bash and Dash visit the Dream Factory.
  • 089. Two Boys and a Train - Two boys named Joel and Bryan tease Toby for his odd shape.
  • 090. First Fight - Skarloey and Rheneas have their first big fight.
  • 091. Ninja Trains: The Final Fate - After being defeated twice, the Ninja Trains are seeking big revenge.
  • 092. Splash! - Water rises from Misty Caverns due to high tide and floods Misty Island.
  • 093. A Sticky Situation - Overnight, Billy's wheels get glued together.
  • 094. Vampires - New engine Joe turns out to be a vampire.
  • 095. Brendam Mur-docks - Murdoch's shed collapses in a storm.
  • 096. Going Bananas - Emily collides with Murdoch with a load of fruit.
  • 097. Scrapyard - 'Arry and Bert trap Thomas in the Smelters.
  • 098. Arthur Visits Vampland - Arthur is scared to deliver a goods train to Vampland.
  • 099. Dear Old Family - Thomas, Edward and Gordon's parents arrive to live on Sodor.
  • 100. Another Very Special Episode - The cast and crew celebrate the 100th episode with the engines.

SPECIAL: Scribble Mania

A family of wizards visit Sodor and turn it into a sketch during Christmas. Whiff and Scruff aren't pleased, though. So Thomas and Percy help turn Sodor and Misty Island back to normal for Christmas Day. Can they defeat the diabolical wizards?

Season 6

  • 101. Post Haste! - There's a shortage of paper on Misty Island.
  • 102. Electricity - Bash, Dash, Smash and Ferdinand work together and create an electric logging loco.
  • 103. Hello, Ricky - Joe the Vampire Engine is being chased by Ricky the Vampire Slayer Engine.
  • 104. Hank's Awesome Idea - Hank has a brilliant idea, but no one will pay attention to him.
  • 105. Meet the Logging Locos - The electric logging loco has been complete.
  • 106. What's His Name? - The four logging locos have trouble naming the new engine.
  • 107. Hi I'm Astro - The new logging loco has been named.
  • 108. Craning Around - Colin and Cranky have been rebuilt.
  • 109. The Rollercoaster Turntable - Hector gets stuck on a super fast turntable.
  • 110. Scruncher in Position - Scruff has a crash but tries not to let anyone know about it.
  • 111. The Biggest and The Best - Gordon and Murdoch argue about who's bigger and better.
  • 112. Sir Topham Hatt's Big Feast - Sir Topham Hatt is late for a big meeting with the railway staff.
  • 113. Henry's Bad Habits - Henry has a really bad habit, but finds it really hard to quit.
  • 114. That Tingling Feeling - Thomas tries drinking an off juice from an old water tank.
  • 115. Narrow Gauge Nature - Peter Sam has spring fever.
  • 116. World Records - Sodor gets a world record for island with most engines.
  • 117. Raining, Pouring, Jobs - Edward fights the rain for a very important job.
  • 118. Strikes and Spares - A new bowling alley is being built.
  • 119. Thomas at Bedtime - Thomas wanders out of Tidmouth Sheds while he's asleep.
  • 120. A Year Without Christmas - Christmas is ruined by Diesel, Arry, Bert and Diesel 10.

Season 7

  • 121. And The Punchline Is... - Thomas tries to be funny, but the engines get annoyed.
  • 122. Fire Hazard - Jasper thinks that he's a fire hazard because he's wooden.
  • 123. Greasy Rails - Vampire Joe slips on greasy rails.
  • 124. Stanley the Really Useful - Stanley tries to get a new good nickname.
  • 125. Zippy Zangy Fizz! - Fizz the new engine has broken brakes.
  • 126. Hologram-Toby - Toby turns into a hologram.
  • 127. Thomas and the Dogs - Thomas is delivering some troublesome dogs to the vet.
  • 128. Thomas and the Gogo's Crazy Bones - Thomas meets some Gogo's Crazy Bones.
  • 129. Rocks - BoCo is trapped by a landslide.
  • 130. Engine Fun Park - Charlie wants to play on a playground.
  • 131. Whiff's Little Helpers - Whiff gets another special helper.
  • 132. James' Big Day - James is late for all of his jobs.
  • 133. Flora and the Circus - Flora wants to join the circus.
  • 134. Trivia at Knapford Station - The engines ask each other truth or dare like questions.
  • 135. Duncan Refuses - Duncan doesn't want to do anything, so he goes on strike.
  • 136. Rusty and the Balloon - Rusty follows a big hot air balloon.
  • 137. Under Cover - Zack wants to know what it's like as a spy.
  • 138. It's A Mystery - Something is frozen in a big ice cube at the Narrow Gauge Railway.
  • 139. Newest New Engines - The new narrow gauge engine Lachlan gets his jobs muddled up.
  • 140. Jingle Engines - The engines prepare for the best Christmas ever!

SPECIAL: Trick or Treat!

It's Halloween and Thomas and Percy go trick-or-treating. They stop at a haunted shed, and go inside. Soon, they regret it! Will they ever get out and lift the mummy's curse?

Season 8

  • 141. Thomas and the Weird Noises - Thomas hears some scary noises.
  • 142. Hank's Heavy Load - Hank must deliver a very heavy load.
  • 143. Tim, Brad and the Passenger Train - Tim and Brad have to take their first passenger train.
  • 144. Ricky is Back - Ricky the Vampire Slayer is back.
  • 145. Grubbish Trucks - Whiff's special helper Grubb crashes.
  • 146. Shake Shake Break Break - Shake Shake Bridge collapses when Ferdinand's on it.
  • 147. Up in the Air - Gordon flies in Jeremy to experience it.
  • 148. Snail Trail - Thomas takes a group of wildlife explorers to the forest.
  • 149. Percy Mystery - Percy is accused of derailing Neville.
  • 150. Bee Stings and Things - Emily is stung by a bee.
  • 151. Captain's Secret - Fizz finds out that Captain has a secret.
  • 152. Ferdinand and Skarloey - Ferdinand meets Skarloey and the narrow gauge engines.
  • 153. The Engines In Black - The engines spy on 'Arry and Bert.
  • 154. Quarry Buisness - Mavis has a hard time at work.
  • 155. Thomas and the Apples - Thomas has to deliver apples for the annual apple-bobbing contest.
  • 156. Summertime - Summer has started on Sodor.
  • 157. Heat Wave - A heat wave strikes on Sodor.
  • 158. Return of the Gogo's Crazy Bones - Mosh, Nasako, Okori, Umu and Codi are back.
  • 159. Ghost Hopper, Oh No! - Ghost Hopper plots to destroy all engines.
  • 160. Christmas In July - The gang decide to have Christmas in July.

Season 9

  • 161. Steamworks Inspection Day - Victor and Kevin must fix Ned in two hours.
  • 162. Kevin in Charge - Kevin is put in charge on Victor's day off.
  • 163. Jack and the Aliens - Jack has some scary visions.
  • 164. Thomas and the Cabin - Thomas can't get a strange log cabin out of his head.
  • 165. Altitude - Ryan the cargo plane crashes into the sea.
  • 166. Baby Bird - Bird the new engine crashes into a bird's nest.
  • 167. Bird and Duck - Duck befriends Bird.
  • 168. Ghost Hopper Busters - The engines try and get rid of Ghost Hopper.
  • 169. Farm Life - Thomas, Edward and Gordon visit their parents.
  • 170. Sawdust - Gordon loses a piece of his father's precious sawdust.
  • 171. Edward and the Horses - Edward is scared that a horse will attack him.
  • 172. Return to Sodor - The three brothers return back home.
  • 173. The Old Mine Shaft - James is trapped in an old flooded mine shaft.
  • 174. Mud, Mud, Mud - Percy slips on muddy rails and ends up crashing.
  • 175. Cliff Hangin' - Astro nearly falls over a cliff.
  • 176. One Big Problem - Chaos ensues when Spencer crashes into a hotel.
  • 177. Not Some Big Baddie - Angus turns into a bully.
  • 178. Waterslides are Awesome! - The slides at Engine Fun Park are turned into waterslides.
  • 179. Line Crossed - Thomas makes Spencer very annoyed.
  • 180. Thomas Meets Santa! (half hour special) - Santa visits Sodor for a Merry Christmas.

Season 10

  • 181. Mavis and the Coaches - Mavis has to take a passenger train.
  • 182. Thomas Freaks Out - When Thomas has a nightmare, his life turns upside-down!
  • 183. James, Sir Topham Hatt and the Brand New Car - Sir Topham Hatt gets a new car.
  • 184. The Volcano (Part 1) - A volcano erupts on Misty Island.
  • 185. The Volcano (Part 2) - The volcano isn't filled with lava...
  • 186. Playing With Fire - New engine Ember arrives.
  • 187. Emily's Troublesome Day - Emily has a bad day with the trucks.
  • 188. Quarrying Around - The engines mess about too much at the quarry.
  • 189. Boco and the Military Engine - Boco meets an engine from the military.
  • 190. Frozen Solid - Henry loses his funnel in an ice storm.
  • 191. My Pet Piranha - Douglas keeps a pet piranha.
  • 192. Dart Speaks Up - Dart has to make a very important choice.
  • 193. Happy Birthday Thomas! - Thomas is having a birthday.
  • 194. Loch Ness Swamp Monster - Toby belives in the Loch Ness Swamp Monster.
  • 195. Boy Scouts - Percy takes the boy scouts on a field trip.
  • 196. Castaway! - Bulstrode returns, but not for long.
  • 197. Honour Train - Gordon wants to be the Honour Train.
  • 198. Bash, Dash and the Terrifying Beast - Bash and Dash go monster hunting.
  • 199. Narrow Gauge Mania! - Bash and Dash's terrifying monster breaks loose.
  • 200. Family Gathering - Thomas, Edward and Gordon's parents come to Sodor for Christmas.

Season 11

  • 201. Thomas Does It All - When the other engines sleep in, it's up to Thomas to do their jobs.
  • 202. Thomas Goes to Market - Thomas must deliver cheese to Sodor Market.
  • 203. Thomas' Good Deeds - Thomas wants to do a good deed for someone.
  • 204. Flynn to the Rescue - A kitchen fire happens at Sir Topham Hatt's house.
  • 205. Creativity - Percy wants to do some art.
  • 206. City of Ember - Ember has a little fun.
  • 207. Exploring Misty Caverns - Percy gets lost in Misty Caverns.
  • 208. Ring a Bell(e) - Belle breaks her bell.
  • 209. Engines Can't Swim! - Donald and Douglas argue about swimming.
  • 210. Whiff and the Zombie - Whiff sees a strange sight.
  • 211. Olive-er - Oliver has an accident with olives.
  • 212. Hiro and Spencer - Hiro and Spencer develop a rivalry.
  • 213. Steamworks vs. Dieselworks - The Steam and Dieselworks battle.
  • 214. Do This, Do That - Miss Jenny is sick, so Jack and Alfie take over her duties.
  • 215. Kelly and the Python - Kelly spots a python on the construction site.
  • 216. Railway Construction - The Pack have to build extended railway tracks.
  • 217. Logging Locos and Dump Trucks - The Logging Locos annoy Max and Monty.
  • 218. Rubbish! - Thomas helps The Pack, the Narrow Gauge Engines, Whiff, Scruff and Grubb clean out Whiff's Waste Dump.
  • 219. Wild Animals - Emily visits the zoo.
  • 220. The Three Ghosts of Christmas - James is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.

SPECIAL: Thomas Gets Lost

It's Winter and Thomas wants to find the Northern Lights. He sets out into the wilderness, but by the time he's halfway, he can't remember the right way. He tries going back, but a blizzard blows over! Will we ever see Thomas again?

Season 12

  • 221. Gordon's Island Rescue (Part 1) - The Ninja Trains attempt to destroy Sodor and Misty Island.
  • 222. Gordon's Island Rescue (Part 2) - Gordon saves everyone from a time bomb.
  • 223. Gordon's Island Rescue (Part 3) - Thomas, Percy, Bash and Dash chase after the Ninja Trains.
  • 224. Le Chef ze Toby - With some help from Angus, Toby tries to bake a pie.
  • 225. Grubb Has a Crash - Grubb crashes into a crossing gate.
  • 226. Playing With Toys - Henry has a new obsession.
  • 227. Sir Handel's Specialty - Sir Handel has a hidden talent that even he doesn't know.
  • 228. Caving In - Spencer gets lost in a big cave mine.
  • 229. Pigs in a Blanket - James sees a pig on the line and tries to keep it warm.
  • 230. Two's Company - Bill and Ben annoy Mavis.
  • 231. Musical - Thomas and friends sing some songs.
  • 232. A Close Call - Edward is nearly scrapped.
  • 233. Percy Pulls a Prank - Percy pulls a prank on Terence.
  • 234. Sushi Train - Emily pulls a train of sushi.
  • 235. Diesel Strikes Back - Diesel torments Duck once and for all.
  • 236. Arthur and Duck - Arthur starts working on Duck's branch line.
  • 237. Darren Danger! - Darren the diesel pretends to be friends with Thomas.
  • 238. Thomas and Darren - Thomas doesn't want to be friends with Darren anymore.
  • 239. Shunning Trucks - Percy refuses to shunt trucks.
  • 240. Darren Returns - Darren lives at Tidmouth for a while.

Season 13

Episodes 255-260 are the direct-to-DVD episodes on Thomas' Wet Friends.

  • 241. Tobbogan Run - Thomas runs down a snowy mountain after crashing into a tobbogan.
  • 242. Sparks in the Snow - The Power Station is snowed down.
  • 243. Another Snowy Incident - Oliver is derailed in a blizzard.
  • 244. Blaze's Arrival - Blaze, an engine with two chopsaws on his front arrives.
  • 245. Thomas, Blaze and the Christmas Tree - Thomas and Blaze are trapped by a fallen tree.
  • 246. Happy New Year! - The engines celebrate on New Year's Eve.
  • 247. New Year's Day - The engines forget it's New Year's Day.
  • 248. Darren's Last Attempt - Darren is sent off Sodor in disgrace.
  • 249. Trouble for Toby - Toby is locked in Tidmouth Sheds and can't escape.
  • 250. Madge's Important Delivery - Madge has to deliver a package for Sir Topham Hatt.
  • 251. Gordon and the Shadow - Gordon sees a mysterious shadow.
  • 252. Percy, Cranky and the Last Straw - Cranky is cranky for the last time.
  • 253. A Surprise For Henry - Henry and Thomas crash at a tunnel.
  • 254. Horror for Emily - Emily sees a ghost in the sheds and hears whispering.
  • 255. The Narrow-Gauged Train - All the Narrow Gauge engines break down.
  • 256. Edward's Branchline Troubles - Edward crashes onto Ffarquhar station platform.
  • 257. George Switches the Points - Duncan runs into the back of George.
  • 258. Bash and Dash Go Splash! - Bash and Dash get so wet they can't pull coaches.
  • 259. Aqua Diesel - Diesel falls underwater on Duck's branchline.
  • 260. Blaze's Wild Ride! - Blaze's brakes fail while racing down Misty Island.

Season 14

Episodes 261-266 are direct-to-DVD episodes featured on Pudding Percy.

  • 261. Pudding Percy - Percy crashes into the back of James' pudding vans.
  • 262. Gordon's Missing Coaches - Gordon loses his express coaches.
  • 263. Hiro's Sweet 'n' Sour Special - Hiro delivers sweets to a party.
  • 264. The Foggy Day - Thomas crashes into Toby in the fog.
  • 265. Who's That? - The new engine is yet to be named.
  • 266. Stewart - The new engine's name is revealed to be Stewart.
  • 267. Blaze and the New Shed - Blaze gets a new shed.
  • 268. Mr. Hank - Hank wakes up with a mustache.
  • 269. Arthur's Adventure - Arthur goes on a fishy adventure.
  • 270. Percy's Day Off - Percy tries to enjoy his day off.
  • 271. James and Stewart - James tells Stewart that he's not splendid enough to be Really Useful.
  • 272. Stepney Saves the Day - Stepney rescues Duck from the scrapyard.
  • 273. Stanley and Spencer - Stanley races with Spencer.
  • 274. Boco the Quarry Diesel - Boco starts working at the China Clay Quarry again.
  • 275. Mavis Takes the Mail - Mavis overheats after pulling twenty mail coaches.
  • 276. Harvey Out of Puff - Harvey runs out of coal and water in a siding, when help is needed on Thomas' branchline.
  • 277. The Snowy Special - Rusty and Duncan deliver coal to the villagers in the mountains.
  • 278. Rewind - Thomas can't stop going backwards.
  • 279. Thomas' Late Night - Thomas has trouble falling asleep.
  • 280. Henry's Shortcut - Henry finds an abandoned line.

Season 15

  • 281. Edward and the Legend - Edward overhears Henry talking about a hidden engine, which will unlock a legendary power.
  • 282. Arthur's New Friend - Arthur meets Stewart, and the two become fast friends.
  • 283. All Aboard! - Gordon leaves the station with the coaches, but not the passengers.
  • 284. Best Day Ever - Thomas and Percy want to have the best Sodor Day ever!
  • 285. Smart Engine - Angus gets a new screen on his side, with downloadable applications.
  • 286. The Subway Station - An underground route is being built.
  • 287. Pipes and Plumber - Twin engines named Pipes and Plumber arrive and help out underground.
  • 288. Twin Troubles - Donald, Douglas, Pipes and Plumber fall out.
  • 289. Bird's Nest - Bird gets a shed that looks like a nest.
  • 290. Duke's Special Train - Duke pulls a special train to the woods.
  • 291. Rummaging Through Sewage - James, Pipes and Plumber clean out the sewage.
  • 292. War on Sodor - A war starts on Sodor; Steamies vs. Diesels.
  • 293. Hiro's Homeland Rescue - Hiro's homeland is in danger.
  • 294. The Stolen Tenders - All the tenders on Sodor are stolen by the diesels.
  • 295. The Final Battle - The good diesels join the steamies' side of the war.
  • 296. Duck and the Forest - Duck gets lost in a huge forest.
  • 297. Fergus Saves the Day - Thomas nearly has a bad crash.
  • 298. Thomas and the Picnic - Thomas takes some children to a picnic in the park.
  • 299. James Helps Out - James must do something nice for someone.
  • 300. The Engine Disease - The engines are all infected.

SPECIAL: On Top of the World

Thomas goes out in a boat with Percy and Hank to place some aquatic track in the ocean. But, the ship has troublesome derricks, which reminds thomas of Ol' Wheezy. Soon, Thomas, Percy and Hank find theirselves in the journey of a lifetime!

Season 16

Some episodes are part of the Lost miniseries.

  • 301. Frozen Frostbite! - Gordon's nose gets frozen, so he tries to hide.
  • 302. Sodor News Report - The news report is broadcast.
  • 303. Lost: In the Woods - Thomas gets lost in the Whistling Woods.
  • 304. Lost: On a Bridge - James gets stuck on a bridge.
  • 305. Oliver's Big Mistake - Oliver derails in a muddy ditch.
  • 306. Scrap Mission! - 'Arry and Bert are up to something...
  • 307. Lost: In Bad Weather - Toby gets caught in a big storm.
  • 308. Lost: Inside a Tunnel - Percy runs out of coal and water in a tunnel.
  • 309. Duncan's Big Surprise - Duncan teases Sir Handel, but ends up paying the price.
  • 310. Runaway Rheneas - Rheneas' driver loses control, and he can't stop!
  • 311. Lost: At the Slate Mines - Henry gets lost in the slate mines.
  • 312. Lost: At the Quarries - Edward and Blaze get into trouble at the quarries.
  • 313. Forbidden Caverns - Thomas, Percy and Toby get lost underground.
  • 314. Thomas and Peashooter (crossover with Plants vs Zombies) - The Steam Team help kill some zombies!
  • 315. Lost: Without the New Engine - Duck has to show the new engine Hart around, but Duck gets lost.
  • 316. Lost: In the Subway - Pipes and Plumber get trapped underground in the Sodor Subway.
  • 317. Hart's Crazy Day - Hart gets his jobs muddled up.
  • 318. Helping Out - Donald and Douglas work at Whiff's Waste Dump for the day.
  • 319. Stewart and Hart - Stewart and Hart become the best of friends.
  • 320. Hart's First Christmas - Little Hart celebrates Christmas for the first time ever!

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Garcia And Friends • Human Thomas and Friends

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