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This page describes some possible future books and stories for The Railway Series. Artificial series numbers have been given to each title, as everyone hopes that Christopher Awdry will be writing more books in the future.

FF1 - BoCo the Diesel Engine


1. BoCo's Day Off

After a while of hard work, the Fat Controller lets BoCo have a day off to cool down and rest his temperamental engine. But his day off is soon cut short, when Bill has an accident with troublesome trucks at the China Clay Quarry.

2. Coaches and Crossings

The next day, BoCo is allowed to make up rest time. However, he has trouble that afternoon when he has to shunt coaches for an Express to Vicarstown, and the 1st class coach Gladys is boastful and rude - causing delay. Thanks to James, BoCo has to take a detour through a branch line to get to Vicarstown, but has an accident when a dairy lorry breaks down, and Gladys on the front crashes straight into it. This leads to her being damaged and learning her lesson, and BoCo's engine fails. When everything cleaned up again, BoCo is sent to the Works for repairs.

3. "Meet Oily"

When BoCo is back in action, he is drafted to help Matt and Kaiser with an expansion at the Oil Refinery. Trouble starts when a troublesome tanker named Oily uses his brains and cunning to spite engines instead of muscle. This leads to BoCo and Kaiser being treated very badly, but all goes peaceful again when Oily blows up thanks to him leaking oil, and Duke blowing sparks nearby. He is sent away for scrap, and everyone is happy he's finally gone.

4. A Surprise for BoCo

After the work at the Refinery, BoCo comes back to the main line to do odd jobs again. The Fat Controller rewards him with a new coat of paint, and gives him a surprise when he invites his only brother left, CoBo, to the railway to visit. BoCo is ecstatic, and feels happier again.

FF2 - Little Narrow Gauge Engines


1. Down on Duncan

After being polished by Nancy, Duncan continuously boasts about his paintwork. But it is soon wrecked when he has to stop with trucks to let Duke pass, and he unfortunately stops under a tree - full of birds! The birds started dropping 'droppings', and soon Duncan is disgraced and learns that pride comes before a 'fall'!

2. The Alliance

Peter Sam and Rheneas are to pull a train together, and after they finish they decide to form an 'alliance' (like Thomas and Gordon) and work on every job together. But Duncan gets envious and annoyed, and tries to split them up. This soon leads to disastrous results...

3. Crewless

Duke is getting older, and one day Sir Handel teases him for his age, and he'll be a 'ghost engine' soon. But Sir Handel learns his lesson when he gets the fright of his life, when he sees Duke puffing slowly along the track - with no crew! He soon finds out his crew were walking alongside dropping sand for grip, and feels quite embarrassed.

4. Ivo Hugh and the Parade

A big parade is passing through a village near the Skarloey Railway, and some of the engines are helping with preperations. Ivo Hugh is excited, as he has never seen a parade before. But he becomes sad when he has to work on the Incline on the day of the parade. He soon however gets to be part of it, when the slate trucks push him through buffers, and onto the flower float!

FF3 - Workshop Engines


1. Percy Arrives

In the yard, Percy tells his friends about when he was younger, and lived in the Workshop on the Mainland (before the Fat Controller bought him). He tells them of the time he first arrives, and starts being cheeky for the first time.

2. Almost Perfect

The next day, Percy tells them one time when the big red engine (named 'Red' as they didn't have names then) was being pompous because someone was buying a tender engine that day. He soon is brought down to size, when he makes a big mistake on the tests, and another engine (a female one named 'Maroon'- my character) is bought instead.

3. Maroon Leaves

Percy tells them of what happened when Maroon did leave, and they made her a goodbye present. But a surprise occured, when the 'Green' tender engine was almost taken instead!

4. Engines Reunite

A few days after Percy's tale, the engines ask the Fat Controller if Percy's old friends could come and visit Sodor. It is soon arranged, and Percy is ecstatic to find Vincent (Green One), Dale (Red), Bob (Blue), Kenny (Orange - not seen in RWS book), and Juliet (Maroon) come to the Island, and have a reunion celebration.

FF4 - The Great Railway Festival


1. Muckin' About

There is to be a Grand Railway Festival at the National Railway Museum. There's a fastest engine competition, cleanest engine, most useful, strongest, and the kindest. The engines are excited. The engines later arrive at the festival on the mainland. There's a handfull of other engines from the NRM. There's Mallard (Spencer's model), Duchess of Hamilton (Murdoch's model)but there was Diesel and 199, who stop to anything to win. That night, a storm swept across the track leaving mud ponds over the track. TFC's engines were having a hard time trying to stay clean. By the end of the day, the engines are all filthy.

2. Who's the Fastest

With the cleanest engine competition over, the engines will try hard to win the fastest engine competition. That night, Diesel and 199 decide to cheat by sabotaging Gordon's coupling rods. The next day, when Gordon races, he breaks down and tumbles into a field. The engines lost. Diesel and 199 snickered quietly......

3. Jammed Brakes

Now it's time for the strongest engine competition. Henry decides to compete. The other engines warned Henry. That night Diesel and Spamcan make another sabotage. The strongest engine race is to see who can pull the longest goods train. Henry starts. They come over a hill and the trucks bump him. He tries to put on his brakes, but they're jammed and Henry loses.

4. Thomas Saves the Engines

It's finally time for the most useful engine competition which is the one important trophy. The engines are worried after what happened in the first few. That night Spamcan and Diesel decide too try to scrap the contenders in need of repair (Thomas and Edward were the only ones left). One by one, they marshal out the rest of the steam team into a long line. They head to Vicarstown. The next morning, Thomas asks Edward where the other engines are. Edward said he didn't know, but he did hear roaring noises last night and the night before. Edward and Thomas soon realize it was the Diesels and also find they're trying to take them to the scrap yard! They set chase with TFC and the Judges on board Annie and Clarabel. They got there just in time! The judges soon find out the Diesels tried to cheat and were disqualified. And so Thomas and Edward soon win the Useful Engine Competition. The other engines now think Thomas and Edward are a credit to the railway.

FF5 - The Japanese Twin Engines


1. Hullo, Twins!

The Fat Controller’s Railway is becoming increasingly busy. No sooner has one train arrived, than it leaves as another. Everyone is feeling overworked, and the engines are grumbling about the constant Goods Work. So the Fat Controller promises that a Goods Engine from Japan will arrive to help. But the next day, the Fat Controller is given an unexpected surprise—it appeared that two engines had come instead of one. The Railway Director tries to work out which of them was Engine “85904”. But neither would tell who was who—they called themselves Joy and Nazz, after they had lost their names and numbers on the way. Determined to find out who is the malingerer, he orders the Inspector to send them to work.

2. The Missing Trucks

The twins are both given numbers—Joy 15 and Nazz 16. When the painters leave, Nazz mentioned to his twin that, although they painted numbers on their tenders, they hadn’t put names on them! Just then, the Inspector arrives, and says that James will show they around the Yard. The twins get on well with James, and even put Spencer and Emily in their place! Six of the trucks on Murdoch’s Goods are Special Trucks, who want to go on Thomas’ Branch Line. Every evening, engines have to remember to shunt the Special Trucks to the bay Platform for Rosie to collect shortly, after the other trucks are taken away empty. One evening, Nazz offers to take away Spencer’s coaches in place for James. But he worries so much about being sent back to Japan, that he forgets about Rosie’s Special Trucks, which he shunts with the others into the siding… Soon, Rosie and managers are complaining about the mix up, and Nazz is horrified at being caught out. But his driver has an idea—the engines swapped tenders, so as Joy, disguised as Nazz, leaves with a goods train, Nazz pretends to be Joy and no nothing about what has happened. After the Fat Controller has calmed down the managers, he suddenly turns to Nazz, demanding why he is veiled with Joy’s tender…!

3. Recycling Trucks

After the truck incident, the Fat Controller is keeping an eye on both engines, seeing which of them shall stay. But Joy and Nazz are upset at this, so decide to work as good as each other—that way they’ll both have to be kept! Unfortunately, Recycling Trucks in the Yard take an instant disliking for Nazz, and cause him endless problems, until Joy gives them a good bump and threat—the recycling truck’s behaviour soon improves. But then Joy has an accident when he crashes into a signal box, resulting in more problems for the Fat Controller, who was planning to send Nazz back and keep him! So, with Joy having his tender mended, Spencer is enrolled with the goods work, which he grumbles about. The Recycling Trucks, who are on Spencer’s morning train, causes bother for the fast engine, by telling the trucks to hold back. Nazz is at Thomas’ Station as Poor Spencer struggles wearily in, where he asks for help up the hill. Nazz is more than willing to do so, and the two engines force the trucks up the hill. Unfortunately, Nazz pushes a little too hard, resulting in de-railing the recycling trucks! The Fat Controller is more displeased with Nazz as he was with Joy, but Thomas mentions of how hard working Nazz sounded from his yard, leaving the Fat Controller in an awful decision… Which engine should he send back to Japan?

4. The Deputation

Heavy snow has come to Sodor, blocking the lines with deep drifts. Joy and Nazz, however, prove that they’re more capable in snow as other engines are. Coupled back to back, with a van between them, and snowploughs on fronts, they patrol backwards and forwards clearing the lines best as they can, which they do very well in—the engines are pleased, especially Molly, whom they rescued when she got herself stuck! But all is not well. The Twins gloomily tell the others that the Fat Controller might send both them away. Spencer, Arthur and Molly protest at this and agree that something must be done for Joy and Nazz. When Rosie asks Thomas, he suggests in having a Deputation—in which engines tell the Fat Controller something is wrong and ask him to put it right. So after Rosie tells them about the “Depostation”, the others are very unsure. After a thought, Arthur announces that Rosie shall be the “Disputation,” much to the little pinkengine’s shock. When The Fat Controller comes back, Rosie worryingly tells him about their “Desperation”, which makes up the Fat Controller’s mind for good. Next morning, he congratulates Joy and Nazz for their work in the snow, and offers them a new coat of paint, as well as having nameplates too. The Twins were surprised, until they realise that the Fat Controller has decided to keep them both. The rest of The Fat Controller’s Speech is drowned out as the Yard fills with delighted cheers and whistles! The Twins are here to stay.

FF6 - Australia-Bound Engines


1. The New Arrivals

Murdoch is away for repairs so the Fat Controller buys two new engines from Australia. Their names are Lexon and Lexi, which are really responsible engines. They have James' body, Henry's tender, and Oliver's wheels. They become really useful engines, until both have freak accidents - Lexon gotten in a rockslide at the quarry, and Lexi was de-railed on a broken bridge. The Fat Controller is upset, and decides it would take all the engines to do more work.

2. Bronze Wing and Tabish

The Fat Controller recievs two new engines from Austrailia, one to stay permanently, and the other was to stay for a week. The first engine is called Tabish, a Class J39, and is such a handy fellow. Bronze Wing was a tank engin who looks like Wilbert, except that he's bronze colored, and kept James company. The two do very well, and on the Bronze WIng was to return home, Lexon is now repaired with a number 23 on his tender. "Pooh!" exclaims Tabish, "maybe ya should hve stayed at the works, mate!"

3. In a Pickle, Mate

Gordon makes fun of Lexon because of his accent, but he soon gets a taste of his own medicine, when he struggles up the hill with his express, and Lexon pushes from behind. The two are now firm friends.

4. Lexon, Lexi, and the Express

Lexi is now repaired with a number 24 on her tender. A few days later D261 returns, and is now uncomfortable around workmen. Thomas and Duck guess his secret - he's afraid of hats. One day, D261 is working at the Quarry, and gets dust in his air hole before his Express. There's only two engines that can do it. Lexon and Lexi arrive at the station two minutes early, and the Fat Controller is very pleased with them, D261 is scrapped, and Murdoch comes back from the works. Everyone is very happy.

FF7 - Terry the Turqoise Engine


1. Trucks Backfired

When the trucks are bashing Bill and Ben on the line, they also snap their brakes when they damage the twins buffers. A new engine called Terry comes to keep the quarry in order.

2. The Tugboat

A tugboat called Jerry is delivering a few goods to Terry. When the tug brakes down in the middle of nowhere, who can rescue him?

3. Floods

When Terry is taking a special train, it starts to flood. Will his technique help him?

4. Return of the Twins

Bill and Ben are almost coming home and the quarry is a mess. Rubble lies everywhere and Terry is trapped under an avalanche. What will happen?

FF8 - Second Chances


1. Still Stuck-Up

Terry isn't feeling well and is sent to the works. The Fat Controller needs another engine to help Bill & Ben. He telephones the Other Railway, but the only engine they can spare is Old Stuck-Up.

2. No.2

Skarloey and Rheneas are having an overhaul. That means, there is extra work for Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Ivo Hugh, and Duke. But then, the Thin Controller finds something from Duke's past...

3. Un-Sticking Stuck-Up

Old Stuck-Up is still working with Bill and Ben, and being ruder then ever. But when a rockslide causes the twins to be buried, will Stuck-Up save the day?

4. Just One More Chance...

Duke is very cross after finding otu that No. 2 "Stanley", from his odl railway, is back. Stanley is still as rude as he used to be. The Thin Controller says that he's just giving Stanley one more chance. But does he really deserve one?

FF9 - The Works of A BR Class 35 "Hymek" B-B


1. Bear's Meltdown

Kronk's Cabin has been worked on for many years and finally it has been finished! Bear decides to take some of the extra logs that weren't used to build Kronk's Cabin down to the scrap yard. But when Bear reaches on Gordon's Hill, he has a meltdown and his engines starts spluttering black clouds of smoke! Bear is given a good days rest from work. Oliver thinks he doesn't need the rest and forces Bear to work with him. But when they get up to Gordon's Hill, Oliver finds out how really sick Bear really is!

2. Forest Bear

Bear discoveres a forbidden forest near Kronk's Cabin and tells Gordon the Express Engine about it. Gordon doesn't beilve diesel stories so he thinks Bear is lying about the forbidden forest. The same day, Gordon is passing by the forbidden forest area and sees a bear! No, not Bear the diesel! A grizzly bear!!!

3. Pigs In A Blanket

Thomas pretends not to like Bear after a bet with James. Bear suspects something and discovers James had a bet with Thomas! After Thomas is done with James' bet, Bear starts acting mean to Thomas and soon calls Thomas a lazy "pig in a blanket". Until Bear has an accident with a delivery of hot dogs in a blanket, he keeps angry with Thomas!

4. The First Snowfalls

Bear enjoys snow and every one else does expect a new crane at the harbor named Big Will-e. He hates snow because he has to stand tall all day where snow falls down hard! All the other engines tried to get Big Will-e into the snowfall spirit but failed. Can Bear?

FF10 - Great Small Engines


1. Rex to the Rescue

It's spring time on the Island of Sodor. One day, there is a thunderstorm. And the farmer needs help getting his sheep from the top of the hill. The small controller tells Mike, Bert, Frank and Jock to get the sheep. Rex wants to help, but the small controller says the engines don't need help. But when Frank breaks down and Bert runs out of coal, it's up to Rex to saved the day.

2. Frank's Apple Special

Frank is chosen to take apples to a party. They were going to make carmal apples. When Frank arrives to collect the apples, the workmen are still loading the trucks. Frank hurrys to make up for lost time. But when he stops at a signal, the apples from his trucks get smashed. Then Frank's driver has an idea: Having Apple Pies instead of Carmal Apples. And everyone at the party thought it was a great idea.

3. Pop Muddle

Jock is taking the children to Mathiwate Beach, but they ran out of Soda, So Jock goes to the Sodor Soda Factory and takes Soda to the bottom of the mountain, but Jock gets to the beach, the children get a suprise!

4. Bert & The Canal

The seasons begin to change from Spring to Summer. The small railway begins to get busy. One day, when Bert takes some people to the canal, He wishes he could go through the canal. His driver laughs and says "Engines can't go through canals." It makes Bert sad. The next day, Bert is taking trucks to the yard. The trucks push Bert off the rails and onto a barge, which is going through the canal. Bert gets his wish.

FF11 Mandy the Green Engine


1. Best as Gordon

Sir Topham Hatt has ordered two new engines from The Mainland, and the engines are trying to give them a good welcome. Meanwhile James has an accident with some trucks at the bottom of Gordon's Hill, and is sent to be repaired. While he is gone Oliver has to pull the express. Oliver tries to be as good as Gordon, but while going up Gordon's hill the coaches come uncoupled and race into the big station. They are stopped just in time, and Oliver is very thankful.

2. Mandy's Hill

James returns just in time for the ceremony and the two new engines arrive. They are named Emily and Mandy. The next day Mandy is asked to take some loaded coal trucks up the hill out of the seaside. Mandy stops halfway up the hill, and rolls back down, around the curve, and into the sea. Thomas rescues her and brings her to the works.

3. Thomas and Mandy

When Mandy returns she teases Thomas for his blue coat. This makes Thomas cross, especially when Sir Topham Hatt asks them to pick up a load of fish from the harbor. While going up the big hill, the couplings strain and some the freight cars come uncoupled, sending Thomas down the hill with them, and into a pond. Mandy teases Thomas again. Which makes him cross.

4. Mandy and the Mail

When Thomas is repaired, he Mandy and Emily have to pull the mail for Percy. On the way to the big station post office to pick up another load of mail, Emily's piston rods snap. Thomas and Mandy must finish the job by themselves. They do it, and Sir Topham Hatt prasies them.


  • The Fat Controller is renamed Sir Topham Hatt

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