Edward the Blue Engine (Book)

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Edward the Blue Engine

"Edward the Blue Engine" is the ninth book in The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry. This book centers around Edward. We also see the introduction of Trevor the Traction Engine


Edward is growing old. He clanks a lot as he runs down the line. One day, he is taking some empty cattle trucks to market-town. As the train passed by a cow's field, some cows, disturbed by the noise, broke through a fence and un-coupled the last few trucks. Niether Edward, his Driver, or Fireman noticed this until the next station. When Henry and Gordon heard about this, they teased Edward a lot. A few days later, Gordon is having a very nice run. But, when he gets to a bridge, he sees something on it. It's a cow! Gordon stops right away. They try to get the cow off, but she won't shooh, as she had lost her calf. Then, the passengers came out a tried to shooh the cow away, but she won't go. Soon, Henry came along with another train. He tried to move the cow, to, but it ddin't work. Henry soon backed off, as he didn't want to hurt her. Henry's guard went to the nearest staton and told them about the cow. The cow's name is Bluebell, and her calf was at the station. The guard takes the calf back to the bridge, where it reunites with its mother. The two engines continue with their jobs, and try to keep the cow ordeal a secret. But Edward had heard about it, and that night, he got back at Henry and Gordon for teasing him.

Bertie's Chase

Edward is at the station waiting for Thomas to arrive with some passengers, but he isn't coming. Eventually, the Driver and Fireman decide that they should just leave without the passengers. A big mistake. Bertie was not-too-far behind with Thomas' passengers. He had the passengers as Thomas' Fireman didn't come into work that day. So, Bertie starts to chase after Edward. Soon, Edward is stopped at a signal, and Bertie thinks he has a chance to catch up. But, by the time he gets there, the signal is up and Edward is gone. Soon, Bertie starts off again. Edward gets to the station to pick up passengers. Just as he is about to leave, he hears Bertie's whistle and waits for him to catch up. Bertie gives Edward his passengers, and Edward apologizes for making Bertie chase him.

Saved from Scrap

Edward stops by a scrap-yard one day to pick up some scrap for the steelworks. While there, he sees a small, dirty traction engine. His name is Trevor, and he's going to be broken up next week. When he was younger, he used to thresh corn, haul logs, saw timber, and other work. Trevor also used to pull children, Trevor likes children. Edward leaves the yard thinking that it's a shame that Trevor will be broken up. He must do something. He tries to think of somebody who would want a traction engine, but can't think of anyone. Fianlly, he thinks of the Vicar! At the station, he tells the Vicar about it. The Vicar says he'll think about it. The following Saturday, Jem Cole, Trevor's owner, comes to do a little work on Trevor. He gives him a new coat of paint, and cleans him up. The Vicar and his two sons arrive later that evening. He watches Trevor's work around the yard, and then he buys Trevor! Trevor now works in the Vicarage Orchard. He is near the railroad and often sees Edward. He does a lot of jobs. Sometimes, Jem Cole borrows him when his tractor fails. And at night, you will see him shut his eyes, remembering when traction engines ruled the roads.

Old Iron

James is waiting at teh station for Edward, who is late again. Edward soon arrives, and James storms off. Later that day, James moans about how slow Edward is to the other engines. They say that Edward could beat James in a race anyday, but James doesn't think so. One day, James' Driver is ill. He tries to work, but can hardly stand. James is stopped in a siding near a signalbox. The Fireman goes to get a Reliefman, but before he can, James starts off on his own. Apparently, two boys had gone into his cab and played with the controls. They tumbled off and ran when James started. The signalman tells the Fireman that an inspector is coming, and he wants a shunter's poll and some wire rope. Edward arrives with the Inspector. The Fireman, with rope and pole in hand, climbs in, and Edward chases after James. James thought that going by himself was fun at first. But when he found that he couldn't stop as he had no Driver, he was frightened. Edward is following behind, as quickly as he can. Soon, the two engines are neck-and-neck. The Inspector goes to Edward's front and tries to slip the rope over James' buffer. Soon, he gets it, and James' fireman jumps into the cab to slow him down. James thanks Edward and apologizes for being so rude. When the engines get to the station, the Fat Controller is waiting for them. He says that James can rest and then take his train. Edward is to go to the works to have his worn parts mended. A few days later, Edward returned home and was given a tremendous welcome. No-one teases him about clanking now!

New Characters

  • Trevor the Traction Engine
  • The Vicar of Wellsworth and his two sons


  • Edward's Driver and Fireman are given names. The Driver is Charlie Sand, and the Fireman, Sidney Hever.
  • This is the first appearance of the Fat Controller II, Sir Charles Topham Hatt.

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