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Network SouthEast.png
313 Original NSE livery.jpg
Franchise(s): Network SouthEast
1986 – 1996
Main region(s): London
Other region(s): South East
Fleet size: Carriages:6700 (1986)
Stations: 930 (1986)
Parent company: British Rail
Web site: [http:// ]
A train in modified NSE livery with rounded corners.
File:165119 at Didcot Parkway.JPG
The later style of the Network SouthEast livery.
File:65507 at Bank LUL station.jpg
A Waterloo & City Line train in Network SouthEast livery.
File:Network SouthEast branded 1992 tube stock 28-03-06.jpg
Network SouthEast logo on a Waterloo & City Line train.
File:Isle of Wight 483 001.jpg
NSE livery on a Class 483 operating on the Island Line

Network SouthEast (NSE) was a sector of British Rail that principally operated commuter trains in the London area and inter-urban services in the densely populated South-East of England.

In the privatisation of British Rail on 1 April 1994 it was broken into a number of franchises.


Before the sectorisation of BR in 1982 the system was split into regions: those operating around London were London Midland Region (Marylebone, Euston, St Pancras and Broad Street), Southern Region (Waterloo, Victoria, Charing Cross, Holborn Viaduct, Cannon Street and London Bridge), Western Region (Paddington) and Eastern Region (King's Cross, Moorgate, Broad Street, Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street). This was perceived to be a source of inefficiency, so sectorisation reorganised everything into a single organisation covering commuter services. At the same time InterCity took over express services and Regional Railways took over regional services.

Upon sectorisation, the London & South Eastern sector took over passenger services in the South-East of England.[1]

In 1986, under new chairman Chris Green, L&SE was relaunched as Network SouthEast, along with the famous red, white and blue livery.[1]

On privatisation, NSE was split into various franchises and the Waterloo & City Line sold to London Underground for a nominal sum of one pound.

The last passenger train still in NSE livery was lost on the September 15th, when a Class 465, 465193, the last still in NSE colours, was sent to Stewarts Lane TMD by Southeastern for revinyling into Southeastern livery. [2] However, there is still a departmental bubble car, used for route learning, in original NSE livery operating on the Chiltern Lines.

Network Railcard

Main article: Network Railcard

Although networksoutheast did not get results, the grouping of services that it defined before feb 2009 remain grouped by the Network Railcard,[3]

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