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This is an article about a fictional character from the Television show, Shining Time Station.

Character Background

Schemer owns the arcade in Shining Time. He is the jokester of Shining Time Station. He and his nephew, Schemee, love playing tricks on anyone who comes to the station. Schemer is often seen wearing a horribly ugly plaid shirt with jeans and a pouch to carry his nickels in. He has an obsession with nickels. He always has a single curl in his hair. His first name is Horace.


  • Jebidiah Schemer: Jebidiah is Schemer's grandfather. He was the first person to own the arcade in Shining Time. He was also the first to put a curl in his hair. He, much like his grandson, loved playing tricks on people.
  • Schemee: Schemee is Schemer's nephew. He loves playing tricks on people with his Uncle Schemer. The one way to punish Schemee is to comb down his curl. He would appear to be very good at baseball, and like his uncle, has an obsession with nickels.
  • Mommy: Schemer's Mommy was never actually seen in the show. However, she is referenced to in several episodes. Schemer still lives with his mother even though he is at least 30-years-old.

Relationships with Other Characters

  • Schemer has met, at least once, every character from the show, with the possible exception of Mr. Conductor.
  • Schemer is one of the few human characters to have met the Jukebox Puppet Band. He met them only once, via phone, during the 1-hour special Once Upon a Time, and refused to believe that they were the people from inside his Jukebox. He believed that they were a secret admirer club based around him.

Relationship with Stacy Jones

It is unclear as to wherther or not Schemer and Stacy like each other. They are indeed friends. However, the question of whether they like each other as more than friends has been raised, and hinted at, on several occasions.

Famous Quotes

  • "Genius Time"
  • "Ah, Mr. J.B. King, esquire, exulted head..."
  • "...Ms. Stacy Jones."
  • "Schemee!"
  • "But, Mommy..."

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