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Midge Smoot is a fictional character from the American children's TV show Shining Time Station. She is, basically, the town gossip and cannot keep a secret, at all.


  • Midge has been seen wearing a variety of clothes, from odd looking dresses to a baseball uniform!

Relationship with Other Characters

  • Midge has met (and probably told a secret or two about) almost every character in the entire series, except for the Jukebox Puppet band and Mr. Conductor.

Famous Quotes

(From 'Tis a Gift)
MIDGE: Schemer, have you lost what little sense you already had?
SCHEMER: I don't think so, no.
MIDGE: The best thing you could wish for, Schemer, would be for Santa to bring you and brand new brain!

(From Once Upon a Time)
MIDGE (VO): Schemer! Schemer!
SCHEMER: Quite! I'm working!
MIDGE (Running in): Schemer, I've been dying to talk to you!
SCHEMER: Well, forget about it, Midge Smoot, I am not sharing the prize money I'm going to get when I win the contest!
MIDGE: Prize schize. I just wanted to ask you about Stacy Jones.
SCHEMER (Now hanging on her every word): What about her?
MIDGE: Well, Schemer, you know how I hate to gossip...
MIDGE: ...and I don't like to pry...
SCHEMER: Uh-huh.
MIDGE: ...but I just wanna know how serious Stacy is about marrying that fellow Ned?
SCHEMER: Marrying?
(Schemer laughs)
SCHEMER (Shocked): Stacy Jones is getting married?!
MIDGE (taking this as the truth): I knew it! I knew she was in love with him!
SCHEMER: In love?! Stacy Jones in love...with somebody else?!
MIDGE: Of course, once she gets married she won't be able to come to the station as much and help you folks. That doesn't mena she's going to stay away all-together. But once she has the baby...
MIDGE: ...or two maybe she'll...
SCHEMER (Drowning out Midge): Baby?! She's...(crying)...baby?! But who's gonna take care of us?! Who's gonna take care of me?!
MIDGE: Oh, he brought her flowers!
SCHEMER: Gee, how corny can you get? Flowers from a cowboy!
MIDGE: Oh, pipe down, Schemer! What would you know about it?!
MED: Ms. Jones, I went and fetched these for you.
STACY: oh, thank you, Mr. Kincade, how...how thoughtful.
MIDGE: Don't they look sweet together?
SCHEMER (sarcastically): Yeah...yeah.
MIDGE: Oh, Schemer...what was that you were saying before about prize money?
SCHEMER: Prize money...prize...(rummages in his pocket, pulls out a button, and hands it to her)...here, take a button!
MIDGE (Looks at the button): Hm. Well, I'm sure there're lots of people who'll wanna know about this. (Puts the button on Schemer's hand and walks off)
SCHEMER (Throwing the button on the ground): Will you take the button?! If Stacy Jones leaves, I'll be all alone! I've gotta do something!

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