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Kit is a fictional character from the 1-hour specials "Second Chances" and "Queen for a Day" from the American children's TV show Shining Time Station


  • Billy Twofeathers: Billy is Kit's uncle. It is said that, after Kit moved to the Indian Valley Railroad, he lived with Billy.
  • Kit's Father: Kit's father died some time shortly before Kit's first appearance. Since the death of his father, Kit had been running away and getting into trouble. Coming to Shining Time to live with Billy was sort of a second chance to get him back on track.

Relationship with Other Characters

Kit has met most of the characters from the third season of Shining Time Station.

Relationship with Becky

While it was never directly said that Becky and Kit like each other as more than just friends, it has been hinted at several times throughout Kit's appearnces.


  • In Second Chances, Kit is mostly seen wearing a blue shirt, tan pull-over sleeve-less shirt, and jeans.
  • In One of the Family and Queen for a Day, Kit is seen wearing a green, blue, or red t-shirt.

Famous Quotes

  • {From "Queen for a Day"

"Skeptor? What's a Skeptor?"

  • {From "Second Chances")

"Let me see that ball."
"Slashers" Pitcher shows him the ball
"...Jim Thorpe."

Other Info

  • When Kit first came to the station, he was very paranoid. he didn't want anybody to touch or look at his stuff. He also continuously looked over his shoulder, as if he thought someone was watching him/
  • It was said that Kit came from the Big City. However, we don't know which Big City. It was also said that where he lives, you can't go out at night. This implies that whatever city he used to live in, he lived in the bad parts of it.

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