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Shining Time Station is a train station that resides on the Indian Valley Railroad and is located in the fictional town of Shining Time. The station is managed by Stacy Jones, the station master whose grandmother ran the station when she was Stacy's age, which, based on the episode "How The Station Got Its Name", appears to have been sometime around the 1910s at the latest. The station's workshop is run by railroad engineer and mechanic Harry Cooper. In the second season, Harry is transferred to a new station in Fort Farley and he is replaced by Billy Twofeathers.

A local named Horace Schemer (simply called Schemer by his friends) runs the station's arcade and is always finding new ways to make more money or to protect his arcade, which he considers his "castle". He serves as the series' comic relief. Schemer thinks that any strange goings-on in the station happen because the station is haunted. His catch phrases include "Genius time" (for when he has an idea), "Schemer's system of success" (for when he wants to impress his friends) and "This place is haunted". Starting in the second season, Schemer would sometimes be aided in his schemes by his nephew, Schemee.

There are some kids who visit the station as well. They are Harry's granddaughter, Tanya and Stacy's nephew, Matt. In the second season, three new children visit the station: Harry's granddaughter, Kara; Stacy's nephew, Dan; and a new girl named Becky.

Other visitors to the station include various townspeople, such as socialite and gossip Midge Smoot, farmer Ginny Johnson, general store proprietor Barton Winslow, bus driver Felix Perez, and J.B. King, Esq., the superintendent of the Indian Valley Railroad. Shining Time's mayor, Osgood Bob Flopdinger, would also visit occasionally as well. (In the early seasons, Flopdinger was referred to as the mayor of East Shemp.)

Then there is a jukebox inside the arcade that houses a band that perform for the nickels that are dropped inside. The band consists of Didi the drummer, cowboy twin brothers Tex and Rex who together play between them one guitar larger than them, Grace who plays bass guitar, and Tito the leader who plays the piano and collects the nickels they accumulate.

Finally, there is Mr. Conductor, a tiny man who lives in a switch house inside the mural and tells stories of the Island of Sodor to the kids. These stories are told to teach them a lesson, encourage them to do something, teach them not to be afraid or just to relate to something that's going on at the station. He is magical in that he comes and goes in a cloud of his magic gold dust.


Shining Time is listed as having a population of "5,006 give or take".

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