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Max Okowski is a fictional character from the children's TV series, Shining Time Station. He appeared only in the 1-hour special, Second Chances

Personality & Interests

  • Max is a very kind man. He may come off a little gruff at times, but he means well.
  • Max is very interested in baseball. In his youth, he was a professional ball player and got an MVP.


  • Max's Father: Max's father was never seen on screen. Back when Max was young and played baseball, his father died. After that, Max felt as if he had lost him timing, and couldn't play anymore.

Relationship with Other Characters

  • Max has seen many characters from the 3rd season of Shining Time, though he has only spoken to Kit and Billy. Most people are afraid of Max. There's a rumor that he goes out at night with a big club, looking for trouble, but it's only a rumor.
  • Kit and Max have a special relationship. Both of their fathers died when they were just kids. The both like baseball. And, Kit feels comfortable talking about stuff to Max that he would only usually (and sometimes not even) tell his Uncle Billy.


  • Max is almost always seen wearing a dusty brown jacket and a faded blue baseball cap.
  • His clothes look very old and dusty.

Other Info

  • Max has a very raspy voice. This is because Jack Klugman (who portrayed Max) was recovering from throat surgery (he had lost one of his vocal chords to cancer) at the time of the show's taping. In "Second Chances", it is said that Mas's voice is raspy because he doesn't talk to people much.

Famous Quotes

(From Second Chances)
KIT: Nobody cares if I'm on the team! No-one even wants me here!
MAX: So, you're gonna run away?
KIT: You whould talk! You were a professional baseball player and you quit!
MAX: No, I didn't quit. I ran away just like you're doing.
KIT: You're like my uncle, you know that? Why is everybody always telling me what to do? It'd be different if my father was still alive.
MAX: I'm sure that's the truth, Kit. But he isn't. You know, even after my father died, I kept looking for him in the stands. I figured, if I could just see him sitting there, I'd be able to hit again.
KIT: So, that's why you stopped playing, because your father died?
MAX: No, I stopped because I was afraid. I was afraid that I had missed my timing and couldn't hit anymore. Afraid I'd let my teammates down. So, instead of trying to work it out, I took the easy way and ran.
KTI: That's different, I don't even belong here! (hands Max his baseball) By the way, I brought your ball back. Guess the magic didn't work on me either.
MAX: What'd you expect? Magic has to come from here (points to his heart) first, Kit. Come on, give your team a second chance. Give yourself a second chance. Before your chances run out.
KIT: It's too late. I'm goin' home. It's been nice knowing you.
(Kit goes to walk out)
MAX: Kit.
(Kit turns back to look at Max)
MAX: If you think nobody wants you here, think again. Think about your uncle.
(Kit walks out)

(After the end of the baseball game, Kit walks over to Max.)
MAX: Looks like some of that magic rubbed off on you after all.

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