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J.B. King is a fictional character from the American children's TV show Shining Time Station. He is the sometimes strict superintendant of the Indian Valley Railroad


  • B.J. King: B.J. was J.B.'s grandfather. He was a locomotive engineer from a long time ago, when Shining Time was a new station. He was the one who gave Gracie Jones, Stacy Jones' grandmother, the inspiration for the name. B.J.'s train was about to crash. "I saw your light shining, just in time." he said.
  • Buster: Buster is J.B. King's nephew. He is a bully, and was very mean to everybody, especialy Schemer and Dan. At first, J.B. didn't notice this. But he soon caught Buster in the act. Buster was in a lot of trouble then. He was also seen in an episode of "Schemer Presents" which talked about sharing.


  • J.B. is always seen wearing very official looking clothes. He's always wearing either a tan suit and tie or a black suit and tie.

Relationship with Other Characters

  • Mr. King has met almost every character from all three seasons of Shining Time, except for the Jukebox Puppet Band and Mr. Conductor.

Relationship with Mr. Conductor

  • In "Is this the End?", everyone was afraid that J.B. would close down Shining Time, in favor of a bigger station at Snarlyville. But when he heard that Mr. Conductor lived at the station, he kept Shining Time open.
  • Mr. Conductor has always been careful to avoid ever meeting J.B. The two have never met with each other, at al, throughout the series.
  • At the end of the 1-hour special, "Queen for a Day", Mr. Conductor and J.B. are seen standing right next to each other. Whether J.B. was aware that Mr. Conductor was next to him is unknown.
  • The reason for J.B.'s fascination with Mr. Conductor is that when he was a little boy, he missed his train. Mr. Conductor helped him get back home.

Famous Quotes

(Usually said when angry or worried))
"Ms. Jones!!!"

(In Is This the End? after fiding Mr. Conductor's hat)
J.B.: So, this is where Mr. Conductor lives!

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