How the Station Got Its Name

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How the Station Got Its Name is the last regular episode of the children's television program Shining Time Station. It gives the explanation as to how Shining Time recieved it's name. It is also the first (and last) episode to have characters other than George Carlin's Mr. Conductor playing duel roles.

The Story

While digging through some boxes, Stacy finds an old lantern that belonged to her grandomother, Gracie. Meanwhile, Becky and Kara meet an old man named Emet. He tries to talk to the kids about the mural, but they are uninterested, saying it's just an old painting of stuff that happened a long time ago.

Stacy tries to get Billy to fix the lantern, but the parts for the lantern stopped being made a logn time ago. There's no way to fix it.

Becky and Kara comment to each other that Emet seems rather old-fashioned. Mr. Conductor arrives and tells them a story about Toby the Tram Engine.

Afterwards, Becky and Kara ask Mr. Conductor if he can help find a part to the lantern. Mr. C agrees, and takes them back in time, to when Shining Time was first opened. There, they meet Gracie Jones, Stacy's grandmother. They also meet a young man who is painting the mural. The next day is the grand opening of the station, but the station doesn't even have a name yet.

So, the three of them (Becky, Kara, and Mr. C) decide to go into the Workshop. However, it is not run by Billy, but by Billy's grandfather, William Twofeathers, who is a carpenter, who was hired by the railway to help build the workshop. They ask William if he can help them find the missing part of the lantern. It turns out, he has the part in his tool kit. So, he puts it in there for them.

Then, Schemer's grandfather, Jebediah Schemer, is met, and he doesn't have a curl in his hair. Jebediah tries to get Gracie, Becky, and Kara to try out a machine he made that cures anything that makes you sick. However, none of the three beleive this, and they are not sick. So, Jebediah tries out the machine for himself, which puts a curl in his hair. While Jebediah calls his Ma, the grandparents of the Jukebox Puppet Band, who live in a piano, sing a cowboy song.

After that, Mr. C reveals why he came back in the first place. To tell the painter to paint a signalbox. So, after the painter thinks some muses are talking to him, he paints a singalbox.

Then, Jebediah's horse carriage gets stuck on the railroad tracks. Gracie knows she has to worn the oncoming train before it hits the carriage. Before going to stop it, she tells the kids that wonderful things are going to happen in this station. Then, she goes out to stop the train. Gracie Jones saved the day, and stopped the train. J.B. King's grandfather, B. J. King, saw the lantern and stopped He got out and thanked Gracie for her quick thinking. "I saw your light shining just in time" he said. After a little help from Kara and Becky, Gracie decides to name the station Shining Time Station. B. J. agrees that it's a good name for a station, and that there's just something about the place. Then, Jebediah accidently knocks the gear out of the lantern, and into the painter's tool-kit.

It's too late, Kara, Becky, and Mr. Conductor have to go back to the present day before they get the missing piece back. Then, Mr. C tells the second half of Toby's story.

Afterwards, Becky and Kara have a differnet outlook on the mural, and say that the painter did a good job, especially on the signalbox. Emet then reveals that he was the painter. The kids ask Emet if he still has th emissing gear in his tool-kit, and indeed he does. The girls thank Emet and get Billy to put it back.

He does, and Stacy is overjoyed. She goes to thank Emet, but he has already left. Finally, the lamp works again. As Stacy lights the lantern, she says that the last person to light the lantern was her granny, Gracie, so many years ago. She also makes the same comment Gracie did: "Wonderful things are gonna happen in this station. I just know it."


  • Thomas Story: Toby & the Stout Gentleman/Toby the Tram Engine
  • Jukebox Puppet Band: Cowboy Medley
  • Thomas Story: Thomas in Trouble/Thomas Breaks The Rules


  • George Carlin as Mr. Conductor
  • Jonathan Freeman as Tito Swing
  • Didi Conn as Stacy Jones/Gracie Jones
  • Mart Hulswit as B.J. King
  • Tom Jackson as Billy Twofeathers/William Twofeathers
  • Erica Luttrell as Kara
  • Danielle Marcot as Becky
  • Brian O'Connor as Jebediah Schemer
  • Flexitoon Puppets as the Juke Box Puppet Band
  • Olga Felgemacher Marin as Didi
  • Craig Marin as Rex Boy
  • Alan Semok as Tex Boy
  • Beverly Glenn as Grace
  • Colin O'Meara as Young Emet
  • Larry Reynolds as Old Emet

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