Glasgow City and District Railway

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Glasgow City and District Railway
Stations and Major Junctions (east to west)
Stations in bold are still open
Junctions in italics
Bridgeton Central
Gallowgate Central
High Street West Junction
High Street
Glasgow Queen Street
Charing Cross
Kelvinhaugh Junction

The Glasgow City and District Railway is a railway line in Glasgow, Scotland. With the exception of a short spur to Bridgeton Central, that closed in 1979 upon the opening of the Argyle Line, the line is still open to passenger trains.


Description of the Route

This line was built to connect together lines in the West and the East of Glasgow. The line runs mostly in tunnels built using the cut and cover method of construction. At its western end, it connects to the Stobcross Railway at Kelvinhaugh Junction, and its southern end is connected to the City of Glasgow Union Railway at High Street West Junction.


Haing received the Royal Assent in 1882, the line opened on 15 March 1886.

Withdrawal of Passenger Services

The eastern section of the line was closed to passengers with the closure of Bridgeton Central on 4 November 1979, upon the opening of the Argyle Line. The station remained open several more years as a stabling point until the opening of Yoker Depot.

Connections to other lines

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