Is This the End?

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"Is This the End?" is the final regular episode of Season 1 of the children's TV show Shining Time Station. Though the last official episode of season 1 is the 1-hour special 'Tis a Gift, this is considered the offical Season 1 finale.

The Story

While Mr. Conductor is looking for his bicycle, he is informed by Harry that the railroad is going to close the station in favor of a new, larger one in Snarlyville. Stacy and Harry also inform Matt and Tanya that Shining Time will be closed. The kids are rather upset by this news. However, when Schemer hears about it, he is excited. Until, that is, he finds out that includes his arcade. So, Schemere decides that he must do something about this.

Then, J. B. King calls, and tells Stacy he is coming over to tell them they are closing the station. Matt and Tanya are even more upset by this news. They talk to Mr. C about it, and he tells them the story of how Edward saved Trevor from the scrapyard. After that, Matt and Tanya hve the idea to save Shining Time Station. Then, Schemer arrives in an army uniform and attempts to barracade himself in the arcade. Stacy tries to tell him that everything may be okay, but Schemer takes it personally. To show how much he cares about the station, he pays for a song on the Jukebox, something he's never done before. While the song plays, Harry, Stacy, Tanya, and Matt pack there things and make things to remember the station by.

Schemer's barracade breaks. Then, Harry reminds Stacy and the kids that this may be the last day, but it's also the day when the Circus Train stops by. However, today, the Circus train does not stop. It goes right on past the station. Harry explains to the kids that the Circus Train will probably stop in Snarlyville, and that smaller railway stations like Shining Time are becoming a thing of the past. The kids go talk to Stacy, and she tells them that whenever they want to come back to Shining Time, all they have to do is close thier eyes and imagine that they're there.

Mr. Conductor returns and tells the kids about when Thomas met Trevor. Then, he has to leave. But, he leaves without his hat.

Then, J.B. King comes to the station and tells them that the station is being closed.

Matt and Tanya try to stop him, but he tells them that bigger is better. Matt and Tanya say that they don't want big things if that means what's nice is going to disappear.

Then, a train stops at the station. It happens to be the Circus Train. Jerry the Juggler, Schemer and Mr. King's favorite clown in the world, explains they had to back up all the way from "some aweful place called Snarlyville" to get to Shining Time.

Jerry tells Mr. King that the Circus Train purposely goes 200 miles out of its way every year just to stop at Shining Time. He says that the station is special, and that it shouldn't close down! And that Shining Time is the Circus Train's lucky charm, and they would never go on tour without stopping there. Stacy agrees with Jerry, and explains to Mr. King that everyone gets a chance to see the circus, and that everyone should get to ride on a train. Even if they live in the tiniest town in the world. Mr. King thinks about that for a moment.

It's then that he sees a tiny hat. Mr. Conductor's hat. He knows of Mr. Conductor, somehow, and decides to keep the Shining Time Station open, on the condition that Stacy gets him Jerry's autograph. He likes the fact that Jerry has a serious side, for a juggling clown.

Matt and Tanya are happy that the station is open, but sad that Mr. Conductor will never return. But, then he does. Mr. Conductor is staying. Stacy and Harry make the comment that things just have a way of working out right around the station. And, that there's "just something about this place".

The episode ends with Mr. Conductor standing on top of the desk in the middle of the station, and taking a bow, signifying the happy ending to Season 1 of "Shining Time Station"

Important Events

  • The station is almost closed, but is saved at the last moment.
  • We learn that J. B. King somehow knows about Mr. Conductor. But, at this point, it is not clear how he knows of him.
  • This is the last official appearance of Ringo Starr as Mr. Conductor in the normal TV series (he would go on to appear in the 1-hour Christmas Special 'Tis a Gift, and have a cameo appearance (recycled footage from 'Tis a Gift) in Scare Dares.

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