Second Chances

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"Second Chances" is the third of five 1-hour Shining Time Station specials. It is the first episode to involve Billy Twofeathers' nephew, Kit, and the last to feature Dan Jones.

The Story

It's basebal season at Shining Time Station. Schemer's baseball team, "The Scooters" are doing very, very well. Schemer is very overconfident until he meets Coach Luke Sledgebolt of "The Snarlyville Slashers". When he meets Sledgebolt, Schemer literally freezes up. The team takes him to Ginny's farm so they can thaw him out. Billy's nephew, Kit, arrives from the Big City. Apparently, Kit's father died recently, and ever since then he's been getting into trouble and running away from home. This is sort of a second chance to get him back on track. At first, Kit is very paranoid and doesn't want anyone to touch or even look at his stuff. Kit soon meets Becky, who shows him around the station. Dan and Kara find Mr. Conductor, he tells them the story "Granpuff". Then, he has to leave for a meeting.

The Jukebox Puppet Band are getting ready to ahve dinner with Mr. Conductor. Didi has a major crush on him. But, there dinner is interrupted when a nickel falls down the slot.

Back at the station, Kit and Becky see an old man put a coin in the jukebox, select a song, and then leave. His name is Max, but everyone calls hi "Ookie". There's a rumor that he goes out at night with a big club, looking for fights. But, Kit and Becky don't believe that. The follow Max out to see where he's going. Max goes into a signalbox, and watches television. Kit thinks that just becuase Becky is a girl she shouldn't play baseball. The challenge each other to a rock throwing contest, to see whose rock can hit the farthest boxcar. Kit throws his a little too hard and it ends up breaking a window in the signalbox.

The next morning, Kit tries out for Schemer's baseball team, but isn't very good. While Kit's bracticing, Max talks to Billy. He leaves before Kit returns. Billy asks Kit about the window of the signalbox, but Kit lies and says he knows nothing about it.

That night, Kit is walking around by the signalbox again. He keeps looking over his shoulder, as though he expects someone to be following him. Max shows up and attempts to teach Kit how to hit better. On the third or fourth try, Kit actually hits one of the rocks with his bat. When Kit gets back to the station, Billy tells him that he knows about the window. Kit didn't tell him becuase he didn't want to get sent away again. Billy isn't angry, but tells Kit that if they are going to make this work, then Kit needs to tell him the truth whenever he has any sort of problem, which Kit agrees to.

Next morning, Kit goes to fix the window he broke. Max speaks, but his voice is very hoarse and ruff, he doesn't speak to people much. He tells Kit that he has a good arm. Kit finds out that Max used to be a professional baseball player. His full name is Max Okowski. Max tells Kit that he once got an autograph from someone named Jim Thorpe, and that the ball would improve his game, like there was magic in it. Max gives the ball to Kit, tells him that some of the magic may rub off on him. Then, Max shows Kit the correct way to stand when about to hit a baseball. Later, with Billy, Becky, and Max's help, Kit tries to play baseball. He's getting much better. Kit shows Billy the baseball that Max gave him, and asks him about Jim Thorpe. Jim Thorpe was one of the greatest baseball players who ever lived. He was of Sac and Fox Native American tribe decent. He set olympic records in running, pitching, and hitting, and he also played football.

Mr. Conductor returns to the Jukebox, but there dinner is once again interrupted by a nickel. Mr. Conductor tells Becky, Dan, and Kara the story "Sleeping Beauty", but re-tells the key parts of "Granpuff" so Becky will know what's going on. We soon find out that someone spray-painted the baseball scoreboard. Billy and Stacy ask Kit if he knows anything about that. He says know, but they are a little skeptical. Kit takes it the wrong way, and decides that he's not wanted, and should leave. He goes to the signalbox to tell Max that he's leaving. Max tells Kit that after his father died, he stopped playing baseball, because he was afraid that he couldn't do it anymore, that he had lost his touch. He tries to tell Kit to give himself and his team a second chance, but Kit has already made up his mind. He gives Max his ball back and leaves. Billy finds out that the socreboard was purposely spray-painted so it could have a new coat of paint. Billy tries to stop Kit from leaving, but he goes anyway.

The game begins and Schemer's team is getting beaten horribly. He finds out that his own nephew, Schemee is a traitor. Coach Sledgebolt paid Schemee a nickel for every time he dropped a ball during the game. So, Schemer benches his best player! Max knows that Kit shouldn't leave, and that Schemer's team can't win without him. He purposely diverts the switches so Kit's train can't leave. Kit decides to go back to the baseball field.

Speaking of the game, Schemer is so desperate for another player, that he attempts to disguise Midge Smoot as a member of the team. But, when Kit arrives, he is accepted into the team. Kit goes up to bat. The first two balls thrown at him are strikes. He asks the pitcher to see the ball. It's Max' ball, the one with Jim Thorpe's autograph. The ball is thrown, and Kit hits it out of the park1 Schemer's team wins! And for once, instead of Schemer, Coach Sledgebolt is forzen. Max was at the game, and says that apparently the magic of the ball did rub off on Kit. Billy and Kit are friends again. Later, we see them playing catch with each other. All is well.

Recurring Themes

  • Kit being paranoid
  • Schemer freezing on the spot whenever he sees Sledgebolt
  • Didi having a huge crush on Mr. Conductor
  • Mr. Conductor's dinner with the Jukebux Puppet Band getting interuptted by nickels.


  • Thomas Story: Granpuff
  • Jukebox Puppet Band: "Down in the Valley"
  • Jukebox Puppet Band: "Skip to My Lou/Freight Train/Pick a Bale of Cotton"
  • Thomas Story: Sleeping Beauty
  • Jukebox Puppet Band: "Take me Out to the Ball Game"

Main Cast

  • George Carlin as Mr. Conductor
  • Jonathan Freeman as Tito Swing
  • Didi Conn as Stacy
  • Mart Hulswit as J.B. King
  • Tom Jackson as Billy
  • Bobo Lewis as Midge
  • Jonathan Shapiro as Schemee
  • Erica Luttrell as Kara
  • Danielle Marcot as Becky
  • Ari Magder as Dan
  • Barbara Hamilton as Ginny
  • Brian O'Connor as Schemer
  • Aurelio Padron as Felix
  • Flexitoon Puppets as the Jukebox Puppet Band
  • Olga Felgemacher Marin as Didi
  • Craig Marin as Rex Boy
  • Alan Semok as Tex Boy
  • Beverly Glenn as Grace
  • Bucky Hill as Kit
  • Jack Klugman as Max Okowski

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