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The Jukebox Puppet Band, as it is commonly referred to, is a group of five puppets that live inside the jukebox in Schemer's aracde. In every episode of Shining Time Station, they play at least one or two songs.

Band Members

There are five members of the band.

Tito Swing

Tito is a pianist. He is normally seen wearing a blue shirt. He sings a lot of the more fast-pace songs. He is the only member that sits on a stool. Even when he is supposed to be walking around the rest of the Jukebox, he still appears to be sitting on the stool.

Didi the Drummer

Didi plays the drums. she weas a dark-blue sleeveless shirt with pinkish-purple polka dots, and a green skirt. Her hair always appears to be in front of her eyes, making it impossible to see them. She also has a rather large hair style that might have been common in the '50s-'60s. She has a crush on Mr. Conductor and always tries to impress him.

Tex Boy and Rex Boy

Tex and Rex are identical twin coyboys. They wear red shirts and pants, with white cowboy hats and boots. They speak with thick country accents. They play a large guitar together. They sing most of the country songs. They often joke around with each other.

Grace the Bass

Grace plays a base guitar. She is the only band member who appears to be of African-Amercan decent. She is the only member who sings every kind of song. She often wears a yellowish-green sleeveless shirt with dark blue pants.

Recurring Lines

As with all characters, the members of the Jukebox Band have recurring lines.

  • TITO: And a one...and a two...
  • TEX: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Rex?
  • REX: I am. If you're thinking what I'm thinking, Tex.

Interaction with Other Characters

Jukebox Band have interacted with only five other chracters.

  • Mr. Conductor: In the 1-hour specials: Second Chances, One of the Family, and Queen for a Day, Mr. Conductor comes in to the Jukebox and has a few discussions with teh Jukebox Band. They, always seem to be interrupted by a nickel dropping in.
  • Sister Conductor: When Mr. Conductor's sister visited, she went into the Jukebox along with him.
  • Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin: Though the evil twin never directly spoke to anyone in the group, he once forced them to play the song "Danny Boy", which made Schemer cry.
  • J.J. Silvers: J.J. Silvers is the Jukebox Puppet Band's manager. He only appared in the 1-hour special, Once Upon a Time. He seemed rather relunctant to let them play the one time they did a song for free.
  • Schemer: In the 1-hour special Once Upon a Time, Schemer sold the Jukebox in order to get a new, more modern one. After putting the Jukebox in a junkyard, he got a phone clal from the Jukebox Puppet Band. However, he refused to believe that they were in the Jukebox, believe that they were, instead, a secret admirer club based around him. This happened again after he restored the Jukebox back in his arcade, with the same result.


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