ETR 460

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The ETR 460 is a tilting EMU built by FIAT Ferroviaria (now Alstom) beginning from 1993 is also known as Pendolino.

This trainset designed by Giugiaro is used by Trenitalia (Italian major railway company) for the Eurostar Italia service on several routes all over the country.

Due to several technical particularities this train has the ability to take corners at higher speeds than other trains and it has been sold in several others country like Finland, UK, Spain and others. On this train traction motors run along the whole length of the train. This is so the weight of the train is spread out which is better for taking corners at speed. The trainset has the ability of tilt by an 8° max angle when taking the corner to reduce the effect of the force centrifuge on the passengers. The passengers feel themselves comfortable even if the train fully takes advantage of the characteristics of the track thanks to the lightness of the construction (only 13.5 t / axle). The use of this train does not demand particular modifications to the railroad but it is expensive in terms of maintenance of the rolling stock because of the complexity of the tilting system.

The hydraulic tilting system it is governed from two gyroscopes that are in the head cars. The curve is found on the base of the elevation of the external track.

Technical information

  • Max. speed (in service): 250 km/h
  • Power: 6 MW
  • Length: 236.6 m
  • Weight: 409 t
  • Max Axle load: 13.5 t
  • Max. tilting angle: 8°
  • Total number of seats: 480 (341 II + 139 I)

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