ETR 500

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An Italian ETR 500 owned by Trenitalia.

ETR 500 (ElettroTreno 500) is an Italian high-speed train introduced in 1993.

Designed under the aegis of the Ferrovie dello Stato, it is now operated by Trenitalia on RFI tracks. Due to the fact that most of the Italian high-speed network is still under construction, these trains often run at speeds lower than the 300 km/h at which they were designed to run.

As of 2005, 57 trains are in service, while 60 improved units (adapted also for the new 25,000 kV fast line Naples-Rome) have been ordered.


  • Max speed: 300 km/h (max recorded speed: 350.8 km/h)
  • Train composition: 2 power cars, 11 coaches
  • Length: 327.60 m (1074 ft 10 in)
  • Mass (empty): 598,000 kg (1,320,000 lb)
  • Mass (normal load): 645,000 kg (1,420,000 lb)
  • Max power: 8800 kW (11,800 hp)

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