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This page is a ToDo List for the whole of Train Spotting World. It is intended to be used for tasks related to the maintenance, administration and development of the Wiki as a whole.

This ToDo list is NOT intended for listing changes needed to specific article pages, user pages or Workforce pages (etc). For these, either enter a suitable comment on the related Talk Page, or apply one of the Category:Attention needed templates templates to highlight the problem.

  • Enter new tasks in the appropriate subsection, or create new subsections as appropriate
  • Some of the tasks will require sysop priveliges to complete, these should be marked [ADMIN].
  • Completed tasks should be moved to the 'Completed Tasks' section at the end, and dated. (At some stage in the future, we'll have to work out an archiving/clean-up procedure!)
  • Admins are requested to add this page to their watchlist, to be able to take action as necessary.
  • Large/complex tasks should be identified in the 'Active Tasks' section while being worked on; smaller tasks may be moved directly from 'Required' to 'Completed', if there is no liklihood of conflicts.

Required Tasks

Tasks that have been identified, but not yet started.

ToDo list

  • Identify current tasks/activity in list
  • Add relevant Special Pages

Ongoing Tasks

Click on a category to see a range of different things you can do to help:

Continue the re-organisation and correct categorisation of events, using the correct template if required.

This section should be expanded in due course.


  • Page protection [ADMIN]
    • Rationalise the protection templates, and ensure all pages use the correct templates
      (see {{sprotected2}}, {{protected template}}, {{pp-template}} etc)
    • Check that all templates calling protection templates are actually protected!
    • Check that all protected/semi-protected pages have a suitable template!

  • Eradicate the term 'TSWer' from the Wiki
    • See discussion at Trains:Station Cafe (Left Luggage)
    • Use this search to find remaining examples
    • Remember that some generic pages (such as 'Help' and 'Adoption') will be moving to the central Spotting World wiki, so use of the term 'TSW' may be inappropriate too (suggest use 'Spotting World').
    • Redundant cats must be removed by an [ADMIN]
    • NOTE -- task part completed. All occurrences removed EXCEPT those related to the adoption process. There are still 15 pages requiring attention by someone from the Adoption group. (EdJogg 19:13, 8 December 2007 (UTC))


Category required



  • Re-download images (from Commons?) whose names have been truncated (they start with a ' or a ")
  • Bring in all the BSIcon etc images from Wikipedia, and add them to the cat.

Wiki Development

  • Station Cafe implementation:
  • Reorganise and de-wikipediafy Trains:Barnstars, and add the TSW one, the Missing Wheel, the Normal One, and the Article Writing on (the latter two should be there for reference only - will e replaced with wheel versions soon...)

Portal/Workforce Development

Active Tasks

Tasks that may require multiple editing sessions to complete.
Please add your name (~~~) to show who is working on the task.

Completed Tasks

Indicate date completed (using (~~~~)). Section will be archived periodically.

  • Fix {{Under construction}} - WP equiv is {{underconstruction}}. As yet does not include template documentation, which is in a new template at WP (updating template documentation will probably become another task in itself!)
    (Tim Trent Talk to me 21:43, 28 November 2007 (UTC))
Completed a while back, I was just looking at this page! BG7 20:35, 14 January 2008 (UTC)