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The Station Cafe

Frequently Asked Questions

Look at Trains:FAQ to see what's there already and to build more!


Watch out for significant shortcuts appearing soon: cafe, faq, works, mess, luggage, etc

Ideas welcome for suitable shortcut names for the 'Buffet Car' and the 'Guard's Van' pages, since these are potential article names. (The others aren't, which is why we can get away with them where WP cannot!)

To use, just type the shortcut into the search box and hit 'Go'. They appear to be case-insensitive, but allow direct access to these pages from anywhere in TSW.

ToDo list

A site-wide ToDo list has been created. Please add any maintenance or administrative tasks that you identify while editing (and do not have time to fix immediately yourself). Please check the page regularly for things you can do to help improve Train Spotting World.

Bugs and problems

Go to Trains:Bugs and problems to list any bugs or problems you may have encountered.