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I am Tim Trent, administrator and co-founder of Spotting World, working hard to build a better community for Rail Fans everywhere.

I'm really involved with this project as a facilitator. My objective is to have a community of self monitoring, self motivated users who make Train Spotting World their own, and make it - hmm, I was going to say "fly" - excellent.

I'm editing at the beginning to make sure we get off to a rolling start.

I live in the UK and am a marketing consultant when not running Spotting World. You can find me on Linked In, and you can also see my professional blog if you really want to know more about me.

When I was a small boy the UK was still in the age of steam. We used to meet relatives at main London termini, buying the obligatory platform tickets to go onto the platform to meet them. I was often taken onto the footplate by the engine driver or the fireman and shown the controls. I loved the hot oily smells.

Not much longer after that, at Battersea, there was an exhibition of diesel and electric locomotives. The public could climb aboard and press buttons. And the buttons worked! Pantographs were going up and down like crazy as small and not so small boys pressed up and down buttons. There were probably twenty locos there.

My involvement

I've been away for a short break. As I expected, the place has continued to flourish without me :) That's great. It means that the community, though small, is a success, and is becoming self sufficient. I can now act as an ordinary editor when I want to instead of encouraging and driving as i thought I probably needed to.