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TV thomas the tank engine screenshot.jpg This user tolerates the existence of the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends TV Series, but dearly wishes it had tried to remain faithful to the original Railway Series books by the Rev W. Awdry.
TV thomas the tank engine screenshot.jpg This user becomes incandescent when watching the mindnumbing drivel that comprises the plotlines of the later Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends TV Series, and which bears no resemblance to proper railway operating practice!


Hi from EdJogg (aka Pete J).

I'm a software engineer from Guildford, UK, who spends most of his webtime at Wikipedia ('WP') -- same username, if you want to talk!

I have been active on WP since June 2006, so I have a reasonable grasp of page syntax, tables and simple templates, if you have a problem (although I'm no expert).

As of about May 2007, I was 'promoted' (?) to being an Administrator here at TSW - so beware! :o)

Memo to self...

Question asked at MediaWiki regarding SpecialEvents page and include tags... (10 Jan 2008)

It's {{From Wikipedia}} (capital 'F', capital 'W')!!

About me...

My (relevant) interests include British railways, particularly GWR and BR(W), although I don't really follow the current scene.

I am currently building a OO-gauge model railway ("for the children"!), although balancing play value with prototypical operation is proving challenging on a 6x4 baseboard! My own rolling stock covers the period from post-grouping GWR through to 1976 – so I can just about get away with running a proper-coloured HST alongside my diesel-hydraulics.

I am a member of the Slough & Windsor Railway Society, and the Swindon & Cricklade Railway, where 'our' engine Slough Estates Ltd, No. 3 currently provides the main steam traction. (A recent highlight for her was when City of Truro paid a visit to the railway, and No.3 was topping-and-tailing on the other end of the train. Like an Awdry story really, eh?)

In Wikipedia I contribute to all manner of articles relating to railways and steam engines, particularly traction engines, and I also created the Ilfracombe Branch Line article. Other contributions include 'real railway' input to the articles about The Railway Series of books by the Rev W Awdry and the spin-off TV Series, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

(TSW member no. 15)

Pages created at TSW

A list of pages created specifically for TSW, plus a number of pages that have been 'rescued' (R) from Wikipedia...
...whether they should have been rescued is another matter – please discuss on the article talk page!


Maintenance items

There are really too many to list, (no, really!), as many categories, templates and redirects have been created or copied from Wikipedia in the course of TSW maintenance activities. The following are some of the 'highlights' and pages created afresh at TSW...

ToDo List

File:Stock post message.svg To-do list for User:EdJogg:

Urgent Maintenance

  • Station Cafe implementation:
    • Respond to comment about image licensing

'Thomas' work

Pages to capture/rescue from WP

Rail terminology page – useful addition, once current modifications are complete (from Rail terminology)