Shonan Monorail

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A Shonan Monorail train at Shonan Fukusawa station.

The Shonan Monorail (湘南モノレール Shōnan Monorēru?) is a suspended SAFEGE monorail located in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Operated by Shonan Monorail Co., Ltd. (湘南モノレール株式会社 Shōnan Monorēru Kabushiki-gaisha?), the line opened March 3 1970, and was the first monorail of its kind in Japan.

Enoshima Line (江ノ島線 -sen?) travels 6.6km (4.1 miles) every 7-8 minutes between Ōfuna and Enoshima, making 6 stops. The average length of a single trip is 13-14 minutes.

As the line is located within commuting distance of Tokyo, it is an important means of transportation for local residents.


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