SR Class N15X

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The Southern Railway Class N15X 4-6-0 steam locomotives were dimensionally rather similar to the Class N15 "King Arthur" locomotives of the same wheel layout, but had a rather different history.

They were in fact a rebuild of the LBSCR 'Remembrance' or Class L 4-6-4 tanks build by L Billington between 1914 and 1922 for the London to Brighton services. The trailing bogie and sidetanks were removed, and the bunker cut off.

The rebuild caused a certain amount of controversy among footplate crews, with some maintaining that one could not make such a change and have a sensible locomotive at the end of the process. Certainly the rebuilds gained a reputation for rough riding.

Several of them were loaned to the Great Western Railway during the period 1942 to 1944 to make up for a desperate need for freight power as part of the war effort on that railway.

  • There are plans to build a replica of a Southern class N15X Locomotive which will even carrie
  • Number that was never carried like the U1, W & Z Replicas.

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