LNER Class V4

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The London and North Eastern Railway Class V4 is a 2-6-2 steam locomotive designed by Sir Nigel Gresley in 1939 with a very light axle loading for service across most of the LNER. It was to be Gresley's last design for the LNER as he died in 1941.

The V4 was a mixed traffic engine, and by their appearance, were assumed to be smaller versions of the V2 "Green Arrow" class, although in reality there was little similarity in the designs.

The first engine, 3401 Bantam Cock, had a scaled down version of the Standard Gresley Pacific boiler with a grate area of 27.5sq ft. its tractive effort of 27,000 lbs was borne from its boiler pressure of 250 psi and three cylinders of 15" diameter. A second locomotive was built as 3402 and this incorporated a steel, fully welded firebox and a single thermic syphon for water circulation.

The engines were very well received on the Great Eastern section of the LNER[citation needed], with more power than the existing B17's and better riding qualities. It was hoped that many more would be produced, but with the death of Gresley and his succesion by Edward Thompson, no more were built and both were sent into the wilderness of Scotland, where there wheel arrangement was not suitable for steep gradients. Both were scraped.

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