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DP67 (talk/contribs) at the controls of an EMD E8 locomotive.
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About me

My name is Randy, I live in Battle Creek, Michigan. I have been a railfan for as long as I can remember which may be genetic. My Great Grandfather was an immigrant from Scotland and worked as a locomotive engineer for the Boston and Maine (B&M) through WWI. My Grandfather was a fireman for the B&M during WWII he was an engineer for the US Army. When he returned to civilian service he worked as a machinist.

When you install a Wiki on your own computer, you know you need mental help.. I'd better call a doctor.

Why I am here

I am here to help expand TSW. I am not much of a writer when it comes from starting from scratch, but I have allot of time to do touch up work. I enjoy working on templates and learning from working behind the scenes.

Current Projects

My Sandbox Projects My Image Gallery My Userboxes
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For you DP67, for reverting that batch of vandalism on Christmas Day. I got one lot in the morning, and blocked the user, but you rvd the 2nd. Well Done, and let's just pray we get an Anti-Vandal bot soon... BG7 11:29, 26 December 2007 (UTC) (P.S. This Barnstar will change Title and Picture when I get around to putting the Anti-Vandal one online!)