USATC S160 Class

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preserved in Great Britain is No. 5197 at the Churnet Valley Railway.
Also preserved in Great Britain is No. 5820 at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.
Preserved TCCD locomotive no 45172
Preserved Polish PKP Class Tr201.

The United States Army Transportation Corps S160 Class is a class of 2-8-0 steam locomotive designed for use in Europe during World War II for heavy freight work. A total of 2120 were built and they worked on railroads across the world, including Austria, Great Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, the USSR, Turkey and Spain.

They were designed in 1942 by Maj. J.W. Marsh, incorporating features from the S159 Class and the Lend-Lease S200 Class. They were designed to fit into the restricted British loading gauge.

They were shipped to Britain where they were loaned to all four major railway companies (174 to the GWR, 168 to the LNER, 50 to the LMS and 6 to SR). They were shipped to Europe after D-Day. Many found use on railways throughout Europe after the war:

200 of the derived S162 and S166 classes were sent to Russia, where they were designed for Russian broad gauge track.

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