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Issue 3, Monday 7th January 2008 About the Transport Journal

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Editor's notes
Firstly can I say welcome to 2008. We hope that this will be a good year all around for Spotting World. In February, it is TrainSpottingWorld's first birthday, with Planes' following soon after.

Also, the first bots will hopefully appear at Trains, and perhaps even a new wiki or two...

As usual, please continue to contribute to the Newsletter. A new section is being trailled this issue, where users can make requests and shout outs to other users. Find it below the Transport News and Events section!



Could YOU be a local editor of The Transport Journal? We need editors to take on the job of looking after the TJ in the individual wikis. It's easy, fun, and if you want to stop at any time, feel free! Apply or find out more here if you're interested.

Hi and thanks for subscribing to The Transport Journal. The Transport Journal was set up to inform users of SpottingWorld projects of the latest goings on in our projects including new processes, current big discussions, any events and some news as well as the goings on in the real transport world. We hope that this weekly newsletter can get users more involved with the community by informing users of what is going on. This will become more useful as the community grows larger.

Thanks, Tbo 157 12:33, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

All users are welcome to submit content for this newsletter, regardless of whether they are an editing volunteer, at Project:The Transport Journal/Submit.


TSW Announcements
Hello there. It's been a busy week at Trains with lots of things happening. Our first layout, the Crystal Bay and Kingsford Railway has been put online, as have various model railway templates. This is all part of our push to create ourselves lots of unique content and to distance ourselves from other well know Wikis. BG7 13:47, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

This week's announcements

  • A wiki wide assessemnt scheme has been started up, masterminded by myself and Slambo. More details will follow once we are out of beta!
  • Dalek X has led the way in creating reviews for many of the Thomas Books. Well done!

Current TSW local editor : Bluegoblin7

PSW Announcements
Hi. Firstly, just a note that although I have retired from editing TSW due to the lack of time I have available, I have decided to keep my accounts at PSW and the main SW website so that I can occassionally help out with admin on SW, the TJ and getting PSW up to TSW standard. Tbo 157 20:48, 31 December 2007 (UTC)

This week's announcements

  • Please come and help in getting PSW up to TSW standard. We currently don't even have a community! We can at least encourage people to join. We have no active users. Click here and join us now!
  • In an attempt to 'relaunch' the site to get more members, we have launched a redesigned Main Page! Following on from Train's redesign a while back, planes has now followed suit. Theres still more to be done, so why not get clicking red links?!?!

Current PSW local editor : Tbo 157

Current TSW Discussions
  • Over at Trains, we are discussing if a policy or guidline is required about commercial links. You can join in here.
Current PSW Discussions
  • Come and help create a community. Over at Planes the new Village Pump, or hereby known as The Terminal has been launched! Please check in to see what's going on!
Spotting World news and announcements

A request for help at PlaneSpottingWorld

  • It is very clear that PSW is lagging behind TSW by quite a distance. There are currently very few admin pages, no unique articles, no community and the most viewed pages are blank. For this reason, I would urge anyone to help out with admin or content or at least encourage other users to join, maybe from WP.

Other news

  • Found a bug or problem with a Spotting World wiki? Well, a page has been created specially for them! Visit SpottingWorld:Bugs and problems to find out more...
Transport news and events

As far as we know, there are no events this week, and there has been nothing in the news to do with transport.Are we wrong? Please tell us!

The Community


In this new section, we are trialling an area where YOU can have your say, and also ask other users stuff. As you can see, there is already one item sent in - why not send us yours? The Transport Journal/Submit

  • Information Needed: Over the course of the next few months, fellow user DalekX will be putting together summaries for Railway Series books. But, he needs your help! Anyone with information on either "Henry and the Express" or "Thomas and the Fat Controller's Engines", please message Dalek X. Thank you.
  • Request fo information: Slough Estates Ltd, No. 3: There are some periods of No.3's history that are not well-documented:
    • Did No.3 ever leave the Estate for overhaul?
      • If so, where and when?
    • At the Mid-Hants Railway:
      Little is known about No.3's time on the Mid Hants, and many of those volunteers then involved are no longer around (either the MHR in particular, or life in general!) Also, there are few photos, except some taken once the SWRS were involved (by which time she had been utterly dismantled). So:
      • When did No.3 arrive at the MHR (precise date please)?
      • Was No.3 steamed at the MHR?
        • If so, for what purposes? Any photos?
      • Was she dismantled before public services started on the line?
        • If not, did she pull any service trains?
      • When was she dismantled? and when was it decided that her rebuilding would be postponed?
      • Where are her missing components?
    • In addition: photos of No.3 in service on the Slough Estates Railway are always welcome (especially if the copyright can be released to the SWRS, although this is a secondary issue).
  • Please contact TSW User 'Edjogg' if you can help with any of these requests,
    and/or contact the SWRS directly (see website). Thank you.