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Issue 8, Monday 11th February 2008 About the Transport Journal

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The SpottingWorld family

Editor's notes

14 February 2008:Celebrating 1 year since the launch of TrainSpottingWorld

At last, TSW is on the interwiki map. We can now start linking some of our pages to relevant pages on any other project on the interwiki map. TSW have alot of content which is banned on other project such as wikipedia including videos, spotting reports etc so get linking. The other SW wikis will be added when it has as many users, uniquee content and articles as TSW so lets continue to promote sw projects in a subtle way.

PSW is now well on its way to reaching TSW standards with more active users and the start of the development of the first workforce. Hopefully we will be able to launch the other SW wikis soon. Please remember to keep promoting in a subtle manner. Thanks to all your work so far in doing so.

As usual, please submit any content or comments you may have.

Tbo 157 17:50, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

All users are welcome to submit content for this newsletter, regardless of whether they are an editing volunteer, at Project:The Transport Journal/Submit.

Message from first issue

Hi and thanks for subscribing to The Transport Journal. The Transport Journal was set up to inform users of SpottingWorld projects of the latest goings on in our projects including new processes, current big discussions, any events and some news as well as the goings on in the real transport world. We hope that this weekly newsletter can get users more involved with the community by informing users of what is going on. This will become more useful as the community grows larger.

Thanks, Tbo 157 12:33, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

PSW Announcements
  • Apologies to PSW readers for a delayed update to Issue 7 as I was quite busy.
  • Work has begun on PSW's first workforce - Swplane:Workforce:Aviation which will be the umbrella workforce for all the daughter projects which will cover the narrower scopes.
  • Good news for PSW. We now have at least 3 active editors working hard, updating articles and creating new ones.
  • Please help out with the PSW main page. I have added some things to make it look a bit more complete btu still needs work and also needs to be maintained.
  • Please get discussing at swplane:The Terminal.

Current PSW local editor : Tbo 157

TSW Announcements
Latest news/requests/announcements
  • Slambo is going through the web archives at the United States National Transportation Safety Board adding content to the various year and anniversary pages. The accident reports freely available in the public domain include detailed information on the minor through the more spectacular accidents that have occurred in the last 40 years, and could provide the basis for complete articles on each incident.
  • Also, Slambo rolled out updates to a few talk page templates ({{swtrain:tl|UKR}} and {{swtrain:tl|USR}}) and created a new template ({{swtrain:tl|assessment}}) that enable Train Spotting World editors to classify articles by their overall quality and importance to various workforces. The templates also help the workforces sort articles with open tasks, such as those that need improved referencing, images or maps.
Ongoing requests/announcements
  • TSW is now on the Interwiki Map. Use the same prefix we have here, [[swtrain:]] to link to this site from any site on the IW map.

Please note that it may take a while for the databases to be updated on the various wikis and so the IW map may not immediately work on all wikis.

  • Please vote for the featured article and image on the main page at swtrain:Main Page/Featured Content/Suggestions.
  • There is currently a backlog on creating new US Rail related articles. Please help out.
  • We need users to start working on new portals and workforces as well as maintaining the old ones.
  • Please comment at swtrain:Trains:The Transport Journal/Spin-offs to discuss various plans for spin off newsletters
  • Improvements are needed for Fanfic articles. Please get involved. Important: Please use the prefix "FanFic:" as opposed to "Fanfic" for the FanFic namespace.

Current TSW local editors: Bluegoblin7 and Dalek X

Current PSW Discussions
  • None this week
Current TSW Discussions

None this week

Spotting World news and announcements

Article rescuing

  • Alot of article rescuing from Wikipedia has been taking place, importing articles from WP which may be deleted. Please continue to do this as it seems to be attracting new users from WP.

Coming soon

  • Delivery and anti vandal bots.
  • A new semi protect feature which would block newly registered users from editing the semi protected page.

Bugs and problems

Transport news and events

The Community
  • Hey, lads!
    • First of all, I'd like to ask if anyone out there is going near any Railways, Tramways, Herige Railways, or anything else to do with trains, and they've brought a camera with. Well, if you are, could they possibly send the pics to [[swtrains:user:Bluegoblin7}Bluegoblin7]]? Or just upload them and notify him!
    • Secondly, if anyone has any information about the history of the 2 new 0-6-0 Shunters at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway (Janus and Claire!)? Again, email him or upload them at Trains.
  • Thanks,
  • --Dalek X 01:25, 10 February 2008 (UTC)