Colorado and Southern Railway

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Colorado and Southern Railway
System map
Schematic map of C&S lines
Reporting marks CS
Locale Colorado
Dates of operation 18981981
Successor line Burlington Northern
Track gauge ft 8½ in (1435 mm) (standard gauge)

The Colorado and Southern Railway began as the consolidation of bankrupt railroads on 1898. The Colorado Central Railroad and Cheyenne and Northern Railway were brought together to form the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railroad in 1890. When Union Pacific went bankrupt in 1893 they were separated from the Union Pacific and united with the Denver, Leadville and Gunnison Railway and others, by Frank Trumbull to form the Colorado and Southern Railroad in 1898. In 1908 Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad bought control of the C&S. It would later merge in to the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1981 and is still in use today.

The following lines were consolidated to form the Colorado & Southern Railroad:


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