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This article is about a train. For the Austronesian language, see Carolinian language.
A New York-bound Carolinian in Durham.

The Carolinian is a 704-mile (1133 km) daily passenger train operated by Amtrak between Charlotte, North Carolina and New York City. The train does not have a sleeping car because it does not operate in the overnight hours. The train leaves its origin station (Charlotte or New York) in the morning and arrives at its final destination in the evening. On-Board services include coach, business class, and dinette cars.

The Piedmont provides an additional trip over the 173-mile (278 km) section of the line between Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina. There is one train a day leaving Raleigh at 7:05am, arriving in Charlotte by 10:14am. It begins the return journey from Charlotte at 5:30pm and returns to Raleigh at 8:40pm.

The Carolinian and Piedmont are financed jointly by Amtrak and the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Route details

The Carolinian and Piedmont operate over Amtrak, CSX Transportation, and Norfolk Southern Railway trackage:

Station stops

The Carolinian runs as train 79 southbound and 80 northbound; the Piedmont is 73 southbound and 74 northbound. The following station stops are made:

New York
New Jersey
District of Columbia
North Carolina
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