British Rail Class 37, 37427

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37427 "Bont Y Bermo" is an English Electric Type 3, Class 37/4 Co-Co diesel locomotive, currently in EW&S livery.


A view of Barmouth Bridge, or Bont Y Bermo, from the town of Barmouth

37427 was released by the English Electric Vulcan Foundry, Works Number EE/VF3548/D977, in June 1965 as D6988.

In March 1974, D6988 was renumbered to 37288 under the TOPS numbering system.

On 25 September 1985, 37288 entered work for rebuilding as a Class 37/4 and was renumbered to 37427.

On arrival at Barmouth on Sunday 13 April 1986, 37427 was named 'Bont Y Bermo' (Welsh for: Barmouth Bridge: 'Bont' meaning 'bridge', 'Y Bermo' meaning Barmouth). Barmouth Bridge is on the Cambrian Coast line that runs to Pwllheli in North Wales. The bridge was completed in 1867 and is a few hundred metres from the town of Barmouth where Barmouth railway station is.

30 April 1993 saw the removal of 37427's nameplates. The nameplates were later applied to 37402 on the 28 February 1994.

On 17 May 1993, 37427 was named 'Highland Enterprise' and sent to Motherwell in Scotland. Interestingly, when the loco was named 'Highland Enterprise' and was sent to Scotland, 'she' become the only diesel loco to be in Regional Railways livery and receive ScotRail branding.

Sometime during 2004, 37427 was unofficially renamed 'Bont Y Bermo', with stickers. 37402 still carries the original cast-aluminium nameplates.

Current status

37427 was withdrawn in March 2006, and was initially stored into pool WNTR (Headquarters - EWS Tactical Reserve), at EWS's Motherwell depot. In September 2007, it was re-allocated to pool WNXX (Stored unserviceable). The official reason for withdrawal being N/172 Contaminated Oil, as shown on TOPS, with engine hours standing at an all sub-class high of 11,466. The need for Class 37/4s have dropped within EWS and as such, this locomotive is unlikely to run again with its current owner.


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