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Train Spotting World is what you make it. It's for you to use, to edit, to search. If you can make it better, do not wait: be bold and do it.

Try out a random page, or create a page someone needs, or simply search for something you think ought to be here.

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Are your pictures any good? Could they feature in an article here?

And while you're here, drop in to the Press Room There are no heavy rules or processes except to respect copyrights owned by others and to behave to others as you wish others to behave to you. It's not an encyclopaedia.

It's what you make it to be. If you want to write reports of a great day at Grand Central Station or at Clapham Junction, great. If you want to upload your pictures of the Flying Scotsman, Mallard or the Golden Arrow great.

This is for your spotting reports, for timetables, if a timetable makes sense here, for manifests. So get involved.

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