Lincoln Service

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Amtrak's Lincoln Service
Numbers 300, 301, 302, 305, 306, 307
Route Chicago
Saint Louis, Missouri
Distance 284 miles (457 km)
Dates of operation 2006 – present
Track owners

The Lincoln Service is a 284-mile (457 km) passenger train operated by Amtrak that runs between Chicago, Illinois and Saint Louis in Missouri. The train is a part of the Illinois Service rail network and is partially funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation. The train service uses the same track as two other Amtrak routes, the Texas Eagle and the Ann Rutledge.

The Lincoln Service is a rebranding of the former State House route, which was named in recognition of the train's passing through Illinois' capital, Springfield. The building in which the Illinois General Assembly meets is properly called the State Capitol. The train route was originally run by the Alton Railroad, which merged with the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad in 1947. By the time the GM&O merged with the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad in 1972, Amtrak had taken over passenger service.

As a result of continuing upgrades on the line between Chicago and St. Louis, two additional trains daily began running October 30 2006 for a total of five trains daily, including the Texas Eagle and Ann Rutledge which terminate beyond St. Louis, along with the rebranding of the State House service as the Lincoln Service.[1]

Station stops

The Lincoln Service runs northbound as trains 300, 302, and 306 and southbound as trains 301, 305, and 307 making the following station stops:

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