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The Adoptee's Area is the section of the Adopt-a-User Program set aside for invaluable information for current or prospective Adoptees (users who have been adopted). Adopters (users who have adopted) should see Trains:Adopt-a-User/Adopter's Area

If you have any immediate or urgent queries, or if you are having problems with your adopter, please leave a message on the main Adopt-a-User talk page and other editors will do what they can to help you.

Getting Adopted

Joining the Adoption program is easy, and there are two ways of getting adopted. Either look at the list of Adopters who are actively seeking new Adoptees here; if you find one you like, contact them on their talk page. The alternative is add the phrase {{subst:dated adoptme}} to your user page, and we hope that it won't be too long before an experienced user will come along and offer to adopt you.

Once you have had an adoption offer the {{Adoptme}} will be changed to {{Adoptoffer}}. If you are not happy with the Adoption offer made please replace the {{subst:dated adoptme}} on your user page or contact an Adopter who is actively seeking new Adoptees here.


What's it all about

Adoption is:

  • A mentorship, where the Adopter answers questions and offers friendly advice and support.
  • For help with technical difficulties, policy interpretation and conflict management.

Adoption is not:

  • Forever. Once experienced, an Adoptee will be able to graduate, though likely to stay in touch with their Adopter.
  • A social club. Though fun, Adoption is there to help users use and improve Train Spotting World.
  • Just for the newest of users. Is also for users with limited experience who want to expand their involvement.

Resources and Help

For a list of useful resources to help you start out in Train Spotting World see the Adoptee Resources page - feel free to add anything, in or out of Train Spotting World, that you think other new users will find helpful.



Want to see the various experiences that Adoptees have had or to add your own then see the Adoptees' experiences page.

For immediate or urgent queries please leave a message at Trains talk:Adopt-a-User.