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This is the area where Adopters can access valuable information on the Adopt-a-User program.

To sign up to be an Adopter, check that you meet the criteria below, add the template {{Adopting}} to your user page and remember to regularly check the category of new users seeking Adoption as most new users respond best to direct requests for adoption. For a more personalised service, add your details to the list of users available for Adopting. Remember that just because another potential adopter has offered adoption, this does not mean that you cannot also offer a choice, so you may also wish to check the category of new users who have been offered Adoption.

If you find a user you want to adopt then leave a message on their talk page and change {{Adoptme}}, to {{Adoptoffer}} on their user page. Once adoption is complete use the {{Adoptee|Adopter's Username}} and {{Adopter|Adoptee's Username}} templates on the appropriate user pages.


Adopter Criteria

The following guidelines have been drawn up:

  • Adopters should be available often to help their adoptees.
  • Adopters should have a minimum of 500 edits.
  • Adopters should not have any recent blocks (last 6 months) or caused vandalism (last 3 months).
  • Adopters should not be current adoptees.

If you do not meet these guidelines then please ask for advice before adopting.

Also it should be noted:

  • Inadvertent autoblocks or inappropriate vandalism tags will not be counted in the above criteria.
  • Adoptees only need to have one Adopter (though they can have more).
  • Adopters should only take on as many Adoptees as they can practically cope with.
  • If a user does not meet the above criteria but still adopts, then the adoptee should be informed of the situation and they should have a co-adopter.


For a list of useful resources and templates to help you with your adoption see Adopter Resources page - feel free to add anything, in or out of Train Spotting World, that you feel may help others.



If you want to see the various experiences that Adopters have had or to add your own, see the Adopters' experiences page .

For immediate or urgent queries please leave a message at Trains talk:Adopt-a-User.