Three Rivers (Amtrak)

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The Three Rivers was a daily Amtrak train running between New York, New York and Chicago, Illinois. It operated via Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Akron, Ohio. The Three Rivers replaced the Broadway Limited in 1996. The route was discontinued, with the last train running on March 7, 2005, due to loss of revenue from the loss of a United States Postal Service contract on the line.AP2005

Service east of Pittsburgh continues to be provided by the Pennsylvanian. The removed portion has no more passenger service, but the Capitol Limited provides service between Pittsburgh and Chicago via Cleveland, Ohio.

Highlights along the run included the famous Horseshoe Curve near Altoona, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and the Allegheny Mountains. The entire trip took about 20 hours, with 2 hours between New York and Philadelphia, 2 hours between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, 6 hours between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, and 9 hours between Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Services included Reserved Coach, Sleeping Cars (morning wake-up with compilmentary meal and drink), Dinette (serving food, snacks, and drinks), and Amtrak Express Shipping for selected stations. Smoking was prohibited in all cars. Overnight service was provided.

Stations served

New York

New Jersey


The next four stations were only served by the Three Rivers and now have no Amtrak service.



Stations below are served by other trains.