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LGB is the standard acronym for Lehmann Gross Bahn - the "Lehmann Big Train" in German. Made by Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk in Nuremberg, Germany, since 1968, it is the most popular garden railway model in Europe, although there are also many models of U.S. and Canadian prototypes. It is also a leading brand of garden model railroad in the United States. LGB is sold in the United States under the outfit "LGB of America". Many of the new LGBoA products are now manufactured in China instead of Germany.

LGB is responsible for introducing G scale to model railroading. According to LGB, this scale is 1:22.5, although other G-scale (and Gauge 1) manufacturers produce products that range from 1:20.3 to 1:34, and for the most part, all use the same track and are compatible with one another.

The first loco made by LGB was a model of a small Austrian 0-4-0 named "Stainz". This loco appears in their logo and is still in production today, although it now has a sound system and other mechanical differences to the original model. Most garden railway enthusiasts have at least one example of Stainz in their collection as it tends to be a robust loco with good pulling power.

LGB's tooling is of great interest due to its design. For example, on the standard 4-wheel coach they have a choice four roof designs and three body designs, all using the same chassis and end walkway mouldings. Such careful planning allows common parts to be used keeping costs down. Two very different-looking vehicles can share all but one or two components.

LGB's engineering is also of great interest. Starter sets typically include a circle of track with a 4 foot diameter and a smaller two-axle locomotive, like the Stainz mentioned above. All LGB locomotives and rolling stock can run on this 4 foot diameter track, from engines as small as the Stainz and European 2-axle rolling stock, to large American Mallet steam locomotives and modern oversized freight cars.

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