Desert Wind

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Desert Wind was a passenger train route operated by Amtrak from 1981 to May 10, 1997. When it first entered service, it ran from Los Angeles, California to Ogden, Utah, though it was later rerouted to Salt Lake City. At Salt Lake City the Desert Wind and The Pioneer (Portland, Oregon to Salt Lake City, Utah via Idaho) cars were added to the eastbound California Zephyr. The California Zephyr then continued eastward to end in Chicago, Illinois.

The Desert Wind largely duplicated the route of the former City of Los Angeles operated by Chicago and North Western Railway and Union Pacific Railroad until May 1, 1971 when Amtrak took over passenger rail operations in the United States. There is no rail service to Las Vegas as of 2006 (only a Thruway Motorcoach bus line).

The Desert Wind was discontinued in 1997 due to budget cuts.

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