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ALCO DL-203 "Black Maria"
Power type Diesel-electric
BuilderAmerican Locomotive Company
Total production3
AAR wheel arr.B-B
UIC classificationBo'Bo'
Prime moverALCO 241
Engine type4-stroke diesel

The ALCO DL-203 diesel-electric locomotive (known informally as the Black Maria) was an experimental freight locomotive produced by ALCO of Schenectady, New York.[1] It was a predecessor to much better known ALCO FA. It was built in September 1945, and the total production run included 2 cab A units, and a single B (cabless) unit. The locomotives were powered by a V12 ALCO 241 diesel engine, rated at 1500 hp (1,100 kW). The locomotive could attain a top speed of 80 mph (Freight) and 125 mph (Passenger).[2] With the B-B wheel arrangement and carbody construction, these experimental units hinted at the FA units to come.

The three units were numbered 1500A, B, C and were tested on the New York Central Railroad, the Delaware and Hudson Railroad, the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, and the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad,[3] among others. They were scrapped in September 1947.[1]


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