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The Reichenbachfall-Bahn (RfB) is a funicular in the Swiss Canton of Berne. It links Willigen, near Meiringen, with the famous Reichenbach Falls, where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional hero, Sherlock Holmes, apparently dies at the end of The Adventure of the Final Problem.[1]

The funicular, opened in 1899, has a length of 714 metres and overcomes a vertical distance of 244 metres with a maximum gradient of 58%. There are two cars, rebuilt in 1999 to the original design and each seating 24 passengers, operating on a single track of metre gauge track with a central passing loop. The funicular is now electrically operated and a single journey takes 10 minutes. The lower station is some 20 minutes walk, or a 6 minute bus ride, from Meiringen railway station on the Brünigbahn.[1]


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