LB&SCR E2 Class

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LB&SCR E2 Class No. 32107, a month after withdrawal seen at Eastleigh Works in March 1961. This was one of the later batch with extended tanks.

The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway E2 Class was a class of 0-6-0T steam locomotives designed by Lawson Billington. 10 were built between 1913 and 1916, with the last five having unusual extended side tanks.

They were mainly used for shunting, as their small coal bunkers made them unsuitable for long trips. They were used at Victoria Station for shunting carriages. However, they are perhaps best known as shunters at Southampton Docks, in which capacity they were used until their replacement by the SR USA Class shunters.

None has survived to preservation.

Thomas the Tank Engine from The Railway Series by W.V. Awdry is based on the E2.

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