Highland Railway Clan Goods Class

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The Highland Railway's Clan Goods class was a class of steam locomotive. They were designed by Christopher Cumming.

The first four (Nos 75 to 78) were built by Hawthorn Leslie on Tyneside, some sources claim they were delivered in 1917, others claim it was the following year. Six locomotives survived to enter British Railways hands.

They featured two 20.5 inch by 26 inch (521 by 660 mm) cylinders outside (with long tail-rods), 5 ft 3 in (1.6 m) driving wheel and a boiler set at 175 lbf/in² (1.2 MPa). Locomotive weight was 56 tons 9 cwt (57,360 kg).

They were classified '4F' by the LMS. Although intended as a goods class they are known to have worked the occasional passenger train.