GWR 4073 Class 5080 Defiant

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Originally built as Ogmore Castle in May 1939 at Swindon Works, the engine was one of the many popular GWR Castle Class.

After transfer to Cardiff (Canton), the engine was renamed Defiant in January 1941, commemorating one of the many types of aircraft which had taken part in the Battle of Britain. The name Ogmore Castle later rotated through sister engines 5056, 7007 and 7035.

After the arrival of Britannia class Pacifics on the Western Region of British Railways, in 1959 it had moved to Carmarthen, staying there until its final move to Llanelli in May 1961.

It was withdrawn in April 1963, and acquired by Woodhams' Scrapyard in Barry, South Wales in October 1963 [1].

It was sold to the Standard Steam Gauge Trust (now named as Birmingham Railway Museum), initially for spare parts for the 7029 Clun Castle, and left as the 62nd departure from Barry in August 1974. Its restoration was completed in June 1988.


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